Tuesday, June 29, 2010


A 33 year old woman was arrested for the hit and run accident that took the life of my friend, Abrahan's mom. I'm glad, honestly, but I'm sad. Lives are destroyed and forever changed and not much can be done about it. Abrahan now have no parents left. I am basically at a loss for words.

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Good and The Bad Can Equal The Ugly

It looks good, doesn't it? A chocolate cupcake with icing and sprinkles and a little bit of chocolate with a mixer on it. But let me tell you, after deciding to try one after we had some Chuy's mexican food for our male co-worker's baby shower, I quickly regretted the decision. It was bad. They come from Crave Cupcakes, a place so many people on Yelp actually rave about. The cake part had no flavor, no moisty goodness, nothing. I spit it out immediately. The aftertaste was worse. So disappointing. Looks like a boobie to me though.

After visiting a friend Friday evening and coming home to an empty fridge, I stopped by and got us some Popey's chicken. I haven't eaten Popeye's in a really long time so why not? Never disappoints.

Saturday, I clocked in some good quality time with my mom. I usually like to take her to places she hasn't been to before and this time it was 5 Guys Burgers and Fries. I'm not too crazy about it since the cheeseburger is nothing to having sexy dreams about but their fries, both types, are yummy. Personally, Smashburger is so much more better but that's me. Afterwards, we watched the World Cup to see USA lose against Ghana. It was to be expected. Good memorable games, USA. Don't you let them tell you any different.

Buffalo Wild Wild Wings with one of my BFFs before the BNC's show. I think he's using me to drive so he can drink. As long as he picks up the tab then I'm good. We're planning on coming here for UFC this Saturday.

In other news, Mexico lost in their World Cup game yesterday against MFing Maradona and Argentina. Whatever. And with that, all my teams are out. Sigh. Good luck to the remaining teams except Argentina. Just saying.

Friday, June 25, 2010

13 Years and Counting...

13 years ago, my BNC decided to go for it. He kissed me and I kissed him back. We'd been going out for about a month already but it never really got to the whole kissing part. After that first kiss, we never looked back. We fell in love listening to Dave Matthews Band's Under the Table and Dreaming album with Lover Lay Down as the song that reminds me of laying down in the dark and just listening to the entire album on repeat. Whenever I hear that song, I close my eyes and I can feel those moments. Almost 8 years later, we were married. He truly is my best friend, my confidante, my soul mate, my lover and easily the most intelligent, wittiest, funniest person ever. Our partnership is full of love, trust, similar likes and dislikes and complete and open honesty. I truly believe we were meant to be and the Universe got its wish 13 years ago. So, thank you, Universe. My bad that it took us 8 years after our initial meeting at 12-years old to finally get together.

The above picture is from 2004 when Kill Bill Volume 1 came out. I was Pai Mei and he was a Buddhist monk. We grew up watching Kung-Fu Theater on Sunday mornings so this was perfect. Some of our friends were geishas and, after all the make-up and dressing up, we went to the only place that was opened serving food; a chinese buffet. Yup. We totally asked the management if it was cool as we didn't want to offend anyone and they were so awesome even heckling the BNC by telling him that "Buddha don't eat meat." The BNC replied, "This Buddha does!"

My favorite person...

Thursday, June 24, 2010


I received this from my friend, Abrahan, and he asked me to post this as the person responsible is still out there. I know you may not be in the Houston area but I had to. He's my friend and I love him and it pains me that such a thing could have happened.


So, my Azzurri just got knocked out of the World Cup, the MFing defending champs, and I have to do something else rather than work cause I'm so upset.

First thing, have lunch with B and commiserate over Italia losing in the first round to Slovakia at CPK (California Pizza Kitchen).

Second, update my Netflix queue by adding Breaking Bad and Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Third, play with links. From the movie Big. Melt the wizard?

Lastly, donate money to the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee. They are having a "telethon" to raise money for the Humane Society. Bitty Girl would so approve. Logan and Apolo will be happy once they wake up.

Mexico and USA are still in it but oy, my Azzurri. I haz a sad.

Dance Your Cares Away

I had a great weekend up in North East Texas. We went to the T-Bone Walker Blues Festival where we melted under the Texas sun. My SS was running the beer garden, a tiny area blocked off from the rest of the festival. Apparently, the county is a dry one and alcohol sales are incredibly stringent. I don't drink so I really don't care. I was all about getting into the hospitality suite, eating yummy food that was bad for me, such as the funnel cake even if I only ate 1/4 of it, and just meltinggggg. It was HOT but we had a good time. Great music and even better company.

Zac Harmon

Hot but gorgeous views

Moo cow!

And, I got to take my 6-year baby to her karate class and cry.

We managed to take the kids to see Toy Story 3 and while The Boy or, as I refer to him, Baby Juggernaut who wears an extra wide shoe, took a nap, The Girl sat silently throughout the movie nudging me whenever she wanted popcorn or a drink from her cup. She has arrived. Back to Toy Story 3, I urge you to watch it. That is all.

And, speaking of things I love, Amazon has the complete series of Fraggle Rock as the Deal of the Day for only $37.49. B and I adored this show as kids and I'm sure if I call him to tell him about it, he will remember it with a smile and exclaim, "Oh yea, great show!" Shockingly, the BNC was never a fan. He also isn't a fan of The Goonies and let me tell you, it was almost grounds for a divorce. WTF at not liking The Goonies?!

Down at Fraggle Rock!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I Made a Pilgrimage to Save This Human Race

So, I got back in from my mini-trip yesterday afternoon and I come to read bad news. One of my closest friends, his beloved mom, was involved in a hit and run. She didn't make it. She was doing something so basic, so easy; sweeping outside her beauty salon. It was something she did every day. Now, he's an orphan since his father passed away a few years ago. I don't even know what to say. I'm so sad and so angry as the person who did this, at 9 in the morning, has yet to be caught. She was a lovely woman and she will be remembered for her service to the community as well as her love for her 2 children.

And that's all I have to say about that.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Going Fishing

So to speak. I'll be going upstate Texas, near Texarkana, to visit the God children, my Soul Sister, and apparently many of my in-laws (brothers, uncles, cousins) will also be there. There's supposed to be a blues festival but honestly, I'm all about getting some sleep and watching Toy Story 3 either with or without the kids. I love music but festival just screams outdoors to me and I just don't want to pass out from exhaustion and heat. Seriously, I am so burnt out that even though I have been going to bed at 9p, I wake up tired and dragging some serious ass. I've become forgetful and that doesn't really happen to me. Do I forget what I was supposed to look up online, or buy at Target? You betcha cause my short term memory sucks balls but it's the little things such as, who sings Jessie's Girl. I know it's Rick Springfield but well, it can take me a while, a LONG while to remember old Human Touch Rick Springfield sings one of the 80's anthems.

I'll play along with this charade,
That doesn't seem to be a reason to change.
You know I feel so dirty when they start talking cute,
I want to tell her that I love her but the point is probably moot.

I've worked many, many Saturdays this year, taken half hour lunches, snuck in early so yea, I'm tired, sleepy and ready to just get away from this place. I'll return Tuesday evening and back into work Wednesday. So, it's a mini-vacation but it's something.

I could go for some fishing though. I haven't in quite some time though it just seems that I feed the fish. Sigh.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer TV-Food Edition

Top Chef started last night and at a much appreciated, and welcome, earlier hour. 8p!! My eyelids, as well as the little old lady living inside me, are happy. They're in DC now and that intrigues me very much. What didn't was Cheftestant John with the dreadlocks. All I could imagine was eating dinner and finding a dread inside. Good thing he's gone otherwise it just would have bugged me. But, we have Padma's big boobs to distract you from the yummy food and Chef Eric Ripert. Almost.

What if at a key moment in the game, my uniform bursts open and, uh, oops, my bosoms come flying out?

You think there are men in this country who ain't seen your bosoms?

I still watch Hell's Kitchen since Gordon Ramsay is a guilty pleasure though I wish the American Kitchen Nightmares were more like the British version. I no longer watch the American version. However, what's this? Another Ramsay show? Master Chef? Nice. I will give it a whirl.

The Next Food Network Star with Susie, Bobby, Bob and now Mentor Giada. Drama in the kitchen is always welcome just not in my kitchen.

What am I missing?

Papas con Huevo y Frijoles con Chorizo

Potatoes with egg and refried beans with Mexican sausage, typically a breakfast dish, would have tasted so much better with some flour tortillas but, they get me in trouble and since the BNC has appointed himself Team Diabetes Warden, we had none. I am only allowed 2 but who can only eat 2? He's a tough one. He doles out the light ice cream in controlled scoops (3 small ones) as well as snacks (none) and diet soft drinks (none). We keep fruit in our home but no snacks such as chips, pastries, etc. Soft drinks are only purchased in 2-liter form and only 1 at a time. It can be tough being a diabetic as well as having PCOS but, I know it's for the best that I abstain from eating the stuff I know, and have proven via much testing, is bad for me. My Grandma, who celebrated her 87th birthday yesterday, the same day as Tupac, was recently diagnosed as diabetic. I beat her to the punch. Diabetes just doesn't run in my family yet I was lucky enough to win the award. However, I keep up with my testing, diet and my doctor appointments. I'm working on the exercise more but oy, that heat. I know, excuses. So, I'm doing the best I can and thank goodness for insurance cause this stuff, even with it, just isn't cheap.

However, if I ever make it to 80 and everything is all good, you best believe I'm going to throw up the deuce and go all out. As much as I want my beloved Grandma to live forever, I think they (her kids) should stop riding her so damn hard about her diabetes. Let her eat that piece of cake cause you know I am. This woman, my Ama, has put up with so much and I feel that she should just have a little more room to indulge as opposed to me. I, hopefully, have a lot of living to do as a diabetic. So, as favorite granddaughter, I buy her the beer she likes (cause that's how Mexican grandmas roll) and her favorite coffee. My Grandma made the above meal, most of the time without the chorizo, every morning, with flour tortillas made from scratch, while we were there spending the summer with her and the cousins. Every morning. She no longer makes breakfast since she retired herself from it, but I blame the Parkinson's. It's ok though since it's my turn to "pay her back."

And if she were here and I were to ask her, "Right Grandma?", she'd reply with a, "Claro que si, mija." which translates to, of course!

My Grandma, my Ama this past Christmas

Hugs, Grandma!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Froyo, yo!

It's HOT here. So, for lunch, I went to Tasti D*Lite (annoying when people do that to their company name) and got me some froyo. Sure, I could have stayed inside and remained nice and cool but it's a great excuse to a) complain about the heat and b) cool off. WIN!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Baked Chicken for the Soul

Dear Therapy,

You've taken me on a roller coaster of emotions since I restarted several weeks ago and while I'm glad that I recognized that an appointment was in order, I'm starting to get anxiety. Sigh. After several attempts at trying to make things better for my family and my older brother, a break-up with him is in order. There is absolutely no salvaging our relationship. For once, I will have to choose my happiness, self-worth (cause I'm awesome) over that of my family and how they will react to my news. The problem is much deeper than just the both of us not seeing eye to eye over the past decade+. But, to pretend that I could just suck it up and continue to be is just not working. I was a fool to think I could play it off for the rest of my life. But, as usual, I have no regrets. Regret is a useless emotion because absolutely nothing can be done about it unless you own a time machine or, better yet, have a Doc Brown and a DeLorean laying around. Oh, don't forget your flux capacitor.

Sigh. Look at me make jokes about it. Deflection!

Even as I sit here, I have that feeling in the pit of my stomach, the eerie feeling of fear/anxiety/relief/excitement that can only come when you are about to do something you should have done a long time ago. I don't know when I am planning on doing this but I know I have to. Talking to B though is at the top of my anxiety list though. The last thing I want to do is burden him and have him caught in the middle. So, it may just have to wait until after summer simply because it will just be a better time but, then again, there is no "perfect" time. It's going to suck but I know it's for the best.

I've been mulling this post for a while but I wanted to post it regardless because it deals with me and you, Therapy. Some of my family may be unaware of you but I really don't keep it a secret amongst some of my friends. I wish more people recognized the need for you because it helps to talk to someone especially someone not directly involved with the subject of your therapy sessions. It's much like being open here online. What it is about the anonymity that makes us reveal things?

Regardless of how things play out later this summer, Therapy, know that I am happy I picked up the phone and called you. I'm happy that we have our weekly sessions to talk about things I never saw before. Thank you for the praise on my self-awareness, my coping skills and my sense of worth. The symbolic pat on the back, session after session, is much appreciated even if, after I leave for the day, I feel incredibly sad and apprehensive as I drive home and wonder what is going to come next from what I know I have to do.

Lastly, in an effort to not make you sad about you making me sad, here is a photo of the baked chicken I made yesterday seasoned with salt, pepper and Old Bay seasoning because it's absolutely yummy. The leftovers for lunch were yummy as well.

Love you,


Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend Update with Norm MacDonald

World Cup Fever, I gots it. Our first attempt to watch it with people was crowded so we left to Star Pizza which was showing the USA vs. England game and had well, pizza. Better than wings.

Garlicy cheese bread with marinara as well as goat cheese

Half pepperoni, half Starburst, aka everything on a thin whole wheat crust

After a tie game and 1 point in group standings, a raspa from Tampico

Lemon flavoring, no coloring


Mexico tied with South Africa on Friday 1-1 but have 1 point each in group standings. Italia, my favorite and defending champs, play later this afternoon against Paraguay. Go Azzurri!

ps.....I miss SNL with Norm MacDonald. His OJ jokes always had me rolling.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

It's Urgent, So Urgent

Guess who's at work again this warm and sticky Saturday morning? Guess again! Give up? Me. (loud cheers!)

I am completely racking up the OT. However, those little noises in an empty office give me the heebies. The AC adjusting itself, the building settling, a toilet flushing from the story over us. I'll be taking the 21st and the 22nd off and travel upstate Texas to visit some family. My beloved SS and her husband own a restaurant so yea me. The husband is a chef and my SS is a culinary school graduate. I, personally, think the food is too good for such a small town and I don't think those people can appreciate that.

The BNC and I were up there for Thanksgiving and let's take a look at what we had.

Smoked salmon, cream cheese, shrimp, wtf?

The traditional Thanksgiving fare otherwise known as Delicious Death.

Cracking the top of the crème brûlée, just like Amélie, is heaven. I didn't eat it all but oh, so close.

Back to work....

Friday, June 11, 2010

He Plays Bass Guitar

To your left, that's my BNC at a show earlier this year. He's been playing much more regularly, a show, maybe two, every weekend. There's one tomorrow and I'll be there playing the role of supportive wife. He's been involved since way before we started dating, which on the 25th, will make 13 years of coupledom.

Tomorrow we're supposed to hit up Feast, a local restaurant named the best in Houston. Rumor has it that it may leave to Louisiana so we have to go before it's gone. World Cup may derail those plans for a month but you never know. USA vs England tomorrow at 1:30p!

World Cup

My youngest brother and I always got shipped out to Mexico the day after school was out and wouldn't return until the day before school started which drove us crazy since it meant scrambling to get school supplies at the last minute. Anyhow, we easily got wrapped up into Wimbledon, golf, soap operas (Mexican and American) and definitely World Cup. What fun, what excitement, what everything!

Once again, the festivities begin that include the madness of tears and joy. Go Italia, go USA, go Mexico!

Side note: what a bad picture of me but B and I rarely manage to get together for lunch and this was us last Friday.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Comfort Food

What is it about pasta that makes it all better? Throw in some beans, meat sauce and I get my own version of the Olive Garden's pasta e fagioli, the only thing I can stomach from that place. Olive Garden kitchen in Italy? Yea, right.

Anyhow, pasta, my comfort. Sure, I could grab a taco but pasta is it for me. My 1/4 Italian is happy, and so is my blood glucose since eating flour tortillas makes it spike. The Mexican in me cries.

On another note, the BNC woke up super early this morning because the Ikea in Houston was having a grand re-opening. The first 100 people received a free chair. The store didn't open up until 9a so he woke up at 5a and left. The store isn't far from our home so no freeway ride needed. When he arrived, he discovered he was number 37. He received a blue band and told he could pick it up whenever he was ready to leave. While waiting, that fool got a danish and coffee yet upon the store opening, he ate the free breakfast that consisted of eggs, bacon and hash browns. He also got a free bag. Let me say, I never mentioned the sale to him. He decided to go all by his lonesome since it's his day off. He continuously sent me texts and pictures as he reported an overabundance of mullets. I tell ya. I just know that fool better go and fix my left brake light on my vehicle. :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Dad

With my dad before giving me away.

Yesterday was an odd day. Busy day at work followed by my therapy session, my first in 3 weeks. However, I had to hit the grocery store before I went home since we were down to stale bread, a tablespoon of butter, no drink mix and, not much else. Once I made it home, I discovered cat poop outside the box. Apolo is the usual suspect (great movie) but I can't get angry at him since the box had been overdue for a change. Petsmart it is. On my way home from the Petsmart, I decide to call the Old Man (dad). His first comment is to wonder what I need. I'm just calling to say hi and see how you're doing. It made him happy. However, before I made it home, I find my car is leading me to the left. I thought perhaps my alignment was off but no, flat tire. I had no choice but to call the Old Man and ask for help. It made me feel absolutely horrible. In quick succession, 2 phone calls came; 1 to say hi, no I don't need anything 2 to ask for help.
Watching my Old Man, come and fix my flat, haul off the flat quickly, made me sad. He's 63 years old, and there he was, in the heat, helping his daughter out. I sat there, helpless, and knew one day he would no longer be there to help me in my time of need as he always has. I lucked out completely when they were handing dads out. He has been the best dad ever in every way possible. I have amazing memories of my childhood just being with my dad. This man adores my mom so much. He was threatened me with the following line, "I love you guys, but if you hurt your mom you're out." Funny then and funny now because I got it. My parents, in their 37 years of marriage, have yet to fight in front of us. I don't know how I'd feel if they did but I'm glad they held it for our sake.

My dad, with the roughest childhood stories I have ever heard, makes me try and become the best person I can be. He's the reason I decided to have an all out wedding. How could I rob him of the chance to walk me, his favorite daughter, down the aisle?

My dad and mom at my wedding in 2004.

Friday, June 4, 2010


Sometimes I want to tell you more about myself but I try to be sensitive to the people I write about. This includes the BNC (affectionately meaning ball-n-chain). He works for a regional grocery store. Great chain of stores that pride themselves on making Texas products by Texans and for Texas. They also have a great specialty store here in Houston, as well as other parts of the state. It's like Whole Foods but, out of loyalty to the BNC, this one is better. ;) (I've never been to a Whole Foods.)

In addition to working for them, he has a discount card. 10% off every product the store makes. Sometimes, this includes 20% especially around the holiday season. Being wife, I get my own discount card. In turn, I make a lot of store trips not only for myself but for friends and family who want in on the discount.

Quinoa pasta in veggie curl form. I finally found it and it was yummy. Needless to say, my Soul Sister, mother to my God children and cousin to the BNC, has asked I bring her some of this when I go up and visit later this month.

Yukon gold potatoes for my mashed potatoes. Ugly skin but that's what a peeler is for.

Asparagus. I personally don't eat it but the BNC loves him some veggies.

They even have their own organic macaroni and cheese from the box. Sounds questionable but it was yummy. The chicken came from the store as well but it wasn't organic, range-free, hormone-free, freedom bird. Nevertheless, the rosemary, olive oil, pepper and salt were. Basically, if the store makes it, and I need/want it, it's going in the basket.

It's a good company to work for and fine, they call my BNC a lot when he's not working especially during dinner time, but you can't win them all. Last month's company picnic was rained out only to be rescheduled for this Sunday. Photos will follow, to a certain degree because, believe it or not, they gave me a frown when I tried to take a picture from last year's 4th of July picnic from inside the kitchen.

Maybe I should bring in some Tupperware because I know the food will be great.

Maybe, in time, I will reveal more and, if you are ever curious, just ask. :)

Happy Gotcha Day!

Happy Gotcha Day to Bitty-Girl, aka Itty-Bitty. What started out as a simple trip to Petsmart simply to get a new litter box for Logan and Apolo, left me with no new box and a tiny little black cat. Your first mom was there looking for some toys for you. I heard your cries and wandered over. As she explained her dilemma about how she found you abandoned and was left to care for you, I stared at you. My heart wasn't breaking as her story continued. She basically was stuck with you as you were well under the minimum 2 lb. mark to leave you at the SPCA. You would have faced euthanization. She proceeds to put you on the floor as your hungry cries continued. I picked you up and held you and I was smitten. I volunteered to take you in much to her delight and relief. It was once I got you into the car did I realize what I did. I had to call the BNC and explain. He heard your cries and he knew.

There was a hole in mommy's heart with the passing of Boochie months earlier. You are not a replacement, but you definitely helped in getting over the heartbreaking decision I made concerning the Boocher's health.

And while it took almost a week for Logan to come around, and 2 weeks for Apolo to do the same, it's easy to see how much you love eachother.

You 3 can be such pains in the butt, yet I don't regret a single thing. My heart still misses Boochie but I'm very happy you 3 are with me.

You no longer suckle your bear, which your first mom gave to me when I gotcha. So, it's time I wash it one last time and put it away for you.

So, happy Gotcha Day my little Bitty-Girl. Please, stop using your brothers as launching pads. I don't think they like it.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


My brother is one of my most favorite people. The BNC is first, of course, but my brother is my pride and joy and the light of my life. I was 3 when he was born and I remember his birth. Waiting all night for him to arrive and relieved once he did cause it meant I could go home. My mother had 3 c-sections before him and was warned that another pregnancy would result in either 1 not making it or both. My father begged her to terminate the pregnancy but my mom, being the die-hard Catholic that she is, refused deciding to leave it in God's hands. If it had been me, I would have chosen the other option. In November of 1979, my mom gave birth to a 10 pounder and easily one of my bestest friends in the world. She has always referred to him as her little miracle, her treasure, or tesoro in spanish. I'm glad she stuck to her guns though.

In February of 2009, my brother, after what seemed like a terrible flu, was diagnosed with leukemia. I cried and sobbed and, in a split second after I ended his phone call in which he sobbed to me the news of his health, I imagined a world without my brother. It was the worst moment of my life, even worse for the reasons I am in therapy. I'm Catholic and while I disagree with some of the items presented by the church including how they have handled some things, I still pray and occasionally attend mass. I don't pray for material things but rather strength to deal with whatever may come my way. However, that day in February, I begged. I begged for the life of my brother who was facing acute leukemia since I knew exactly what all that meant. After he was admitted to the hospital, a day passed before he was to be administered his first chemo treatment. They were being very aggressive as to raise the chances of his survival rate. Family and friends poured in including our beloved Ama. And then, a miracle occured. Nurses rushed in late Friday night as his chemo was suddenly stopped with news that his leukemia was now labeled as chronic which we would learn much later, could be treated with a simple pill to be taken daily. And just like that, my brother's port was removed, a blood transfusion was administered and he was discharged Monday morning. 6 days. 6 long days that he spent at the hospital with me by his side. It was the worst week and the best week. My mom still finds it difficult to talk about that week and B doesn't like to make a big deal about it. He basically is just not ready to talk about his feelings. He keeps up his regiment though with monthly visits to the oncologist. Last month he had to have another bone marrow biopsy to check the status of the leukemia and all is well. His blood work is just as awesome. My father's face grows pain and sorrow whenever someone mentions it or asks about how B is doing. It fell on me to tell my parents and their reactions to the news will always remain fresh in my mind. My dad asked if it was something he did and that broke my heart. My mom, on the other hand, called me a liar and begged me take it back. Even as I type this, I feel the tears well up in eyes and my heart feels as if I am standing in for Giles Corey.

I don't know what I would have done if anything had happened to B. I just know that my life would have been full of darkness and extreme sadness. If an option was to give my life in exchange for my brother's, I would not have hesitated.

My little B, how I love thee.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

Houston can be a hot city. The humidity from the Gulf keeps it nice and moist (that's what she said) and it can be unbearable. Lately it's been unseasonably hot. The thermometer may read 95º yet it will feel so much worse. Unfortunately, my God children were in town and that entails something fun to do. Their mom mentioned zoo and no, I vetoed that. Children's Museum it is. Pros-AC! Cons-TONS of children. Let me say, as a non-mother, I'm not a fan of children unless they are my own. My own means my young cousins, my God children and maybe, just maybe, friend's kids. We had a good time despite the overabundance of children. We followed the museum with a visit to the park. The next day included pool time where the kids shamed me by knowing how to swim. They are 6 and 2 and yea, for shame. I may just be the world's worst Mexican. :(

Since these are not really my kids (they are the children of the BNC's favorite cousin yet we are their Godparents) I cannot, in good conscience, post their faces on the internet. They are adorable and melt my heart but it would be unfair to do that to them without their permission.

I really am not a fan of summer. It was a cold winter and it was a little miserable since we got snow for a couple of days, summer still sucks.

Edit: I'm mulling deleting this post. The kids are such a big part of my life and while I want to share my experiences with them, posting a picture of them sans shots of their faces, is making me nervous. Thinking.......