Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

Houston can be a hot city. The humidity from the Gulf keeps it nice and moist (that's what she said) and it can be unbearable. Lately it's been unseasonably hot. The thermometer may read 95ยบ yet it will feel so much worse. Unfortunately, my God children were in town and that entails something fun to do. Their mom mentioned zoo and no, I vetoed that. Children's Museum it is. Pros-AC! Cons-TONS of children. Let me say, as a non-mother, I'm not a fan of children unless they are my own. My own means my young cousins, my God children and maybe, just maybe, friend's kids. We had a good time despite the overabundance of children. We followed the museum with a visit to the park. The next day included pool time where the kids shamed me by knowing how to swim. They are 6 and 2 and yea, for shame. I may just be the world's worst Mexican. :(

Since these are not really my kids (they are the children of the BNC's favorite cousin yet we are their Godparents) I cannot, in good conscience, post their faces on the internet. They are adorable and melt my heart but it would be unfair to do that to them without their permission.

I really am not a fan of summer. It was a cold winter and it was a little miserable since we got snow for a couple of days, summer still sucks.

Edit: I'm mulling deleting this post. The kids are such a big part of my life and while I want to share my experiences with them, posting a picture of them sans shots of their faces, is making me nervous. Thinking.......


Hollie said...

I'm loathing the Texas weather too.. and I'm way far north of Houston!

Margie said...

Hi Hollie!
Welcome. We've received rain this whole week and while it has cooled it down, I'm dreading the mosquitoes that follow the rain. :(