Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Dad

With my dad before giving me away.

Yesterday was an odd day. Busy day at work followed by my therapy session, my first in 3 weeks. However, I had to hit the grocery store before I went home since we were down to stale bread, a tablespoon of butter, no drink mix and, not much else. Once I made it home, I discovered cat poop outside the box. Apolo is the usual suspect (great movie) but I can't get angry at him since the box had been overdue for a change. Petsmart it is. On my way home from the Petsmart, I decide to call the Old Man (dad). His first comment is to wonder what I need. I'm just calling to say hi and see how you're doing. It made him happy. However, before I made it home, I find my car is leading me to the left. I thought perhaps my alignment was off but no, flat tire. I had no choice but to call the Old Man and ask for help. It made me feel absolutely horrible. In quick succession, 2 phone calls came; 1 to say hi, no I don't need anything 2 to ask for help.
Watching my Old Man, come and fix my flat, haul off the flat quickly, made me sad. He's 63 years old, and there he was, in the heat, helping his daughter out. I sat there, helpless, and knew one day he would no longer be there to help me in my time of need as he always has. I lucked out completely when they were handing dads out. He has been the best dad ever in every way possible. I have amazing memories of my childhood just being with my dad. This man adores my mom so much. He was threatened me with the following line, "I love you guys, but if you hurt your mom you're out." Funny then and funny now because I got it. My parents, in their 37 years of marriage, have yet to fight in front of us. I don't know how I'd feel if they did but I'm glad they held it for our sake.

My dad, with the roughest childhood stories I have ever heard, makes me try and become the best person I can be. He's the reason I decided to have an all out wedding. How could I rob him of the chance to walk me, his favorite daughter, down the aisle?

My dad and mom at my wedding in 2004.


Ali said...

A dad's love for his daughter is like a soda cup at Applebee's. It's bottomless.

Your dad sounds like a great guy. And you look stunning, Mrs BNC.

Margie said...

Thank you, Ali.

I have but 1 single gripe about my dad. Being a mechanic, he leaves his handprints everywhere; The fridge, on the phone, the table, the couch, the walls, everywhere.