Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Thank You

Jasmine rice has been my savior this Lent season. However, I'm certain I won't consume it as much once I can lather myself in sweet and delicious pasta. It's good and I finally found a brand to stick to; Mahatma. I don't have to rinse it!! Unfortunately it trumps the one that the BNC works for. They can't all be winners.

"They found me. I don't know how but they found me."
"Who do you think? The Lybians! Run Marty!!"

Back to the Future was on last night and, while I took a sleeping pill to combat my insomnia, thus ensuring I knock out early (9p), I had to stay up just a little longer for this scene. It's one of my most favorite movies.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Continuous Glucose Monitoring

An image of what that little pod looks like to continuously check my blood glucose for 3 days straight. I hate doing it while it's the weekend because it's not my usual routine but I would hate to show up at work with this this attached to my side. The whole thing is not inserted. The needle is. The rest is taped onto my side with waterproof tape.
It sucks but then again, I don't want to be 40 and already suffering from neuropathy. My Grandma was diagnosed with diabetes last year. She's 86. I know. What luck. However, I'm chucking the deuce if I make it that far and eating real ice cream. Oh wait, frozen custard!
I'm suffering from insomnia. I feel gross and I just want to go home and sleep. But, chances are, once I get home and get ready for bed, I will lay there like a slug because it's my only defense.

My Mom Talks Too Much

It's true. I just dialed her up and this is kinda-sorta how it went:
(Translated on her part. My part is a mixture of english and spanish.)
"Hi mom."
"Hi mija! How are you?"
"I'm ok. I'm just working."
"I have to go to Reliant later for a meeting. I have to be at Jack-in-the-Box at 3p so we can all caravan over. I already made your dad his dinner. Nopales (cactus) and I am cooking the beans right now. They should be done soon. Also, some broccoli with cheese and rice. I'm sorry I missed your call earlier. I was talking to one of my friends about the meeting. And then I was outside messing with my plants because it's gorgeous out there but too cold in the house so much so that I had to have the heat on. I spoke to your aunt and her and the kids are doing better. She missed 2 days of work but everyone is better now. She went to visit your Grandma in Mexico a few weeks ago, did I tell you that? So, we're thinking about going over there for Easter but I'm not sure. Your dad says that it's up to me but we might just go but I don't know. How was your doctor's appointment?"
"It went well. I don't have to go back until September."
"Oh, that is great news! I need to go to the doctor because I'm running low on medications. And.."
"Hey mom, I have to go. Call you later?"
"Sure. I didn't call you earlier cause I know you're at work and I don't want to bother you. Love you. Bye."
"Ok mom."
Even I'm tired.


They really should get jobs. Sheesh.

What, What!

I neither lost or gained weight since September. It would have been better had I lost weight but I didn't really do much. Well, I did and then didn't. No change in my meds and I don't have to go back until September. However, in September is when I have to do my tests and I have a feeling that I may have to do the CGM (continuous glucose monitoring) test which I hate. It's bothersome and it just plains makes me sad. (The CGM is a little pod with a needle sticking out that gets inserted under my skin and takes my blood glucose, and records it, every 5 minutes. I have to have it for 3 days and it takes place over the weekend. It blows.)

Anyhow, after a record time of 1 1/2 hours at the endo, I went home, and started dinner. I was starving since I skipped lunch. Baked chicken with roasted new potatoes.

ps....I think I have the wrong USB cord. It looks no where like my old one and the pics aren't uploading properly on my Finepix porgram. So, I can't edit the pics. Take, for instance, this one of my little Bitty Girl. Too dark even if she is a black cat. Here she is playing her guitar just like the BNC.


Monday, March 29, 2010


I did:
  • Watch both of the BNC's shows
  • Get to see this week's Lost episode
  • Finish Season 3, disc 4 of Dexter-now to wait for Season 4 to come out on DVD
  • Got my USB cord

I didn't:

  • Get to watch Back to the Future cause, can you belive it, it wasn't anywhere on TV this weekend?!
  • Have breakfast with B-hopefully on Friday since we always go out to eat for Good Friday cause we're good Catholics like that-so to speak
  • Re-watch Community
  • Re-watch Project Runway
  • Central Market-however, we did hit up the HEB on Bunker Hill so it's almost the same but not
  • Hot Tub Time Machine-4-day weekend coming up so definitely by then

All in all, nice one. Now, to resume taking photos, especially of Itty-Bitty since she will turn 1 soon and no longer a kitten. I do need to find some good cat food for her. She is getting a little belly and I don't want her to be a huge fat cat like Logan and Apolo. Need help. I'm trying to find some food without too many by-products. Ugh, dilemmas!