Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Comfort Food

What is it about pasta that makes it all better? Throw in some beans, meat sauce and I get my own version of the Olive Garden's pasta e fagioli, the only thing I can stomach from that place. Olive Garden kitchen in Italy? Yea, right.

Anyhow, pasta, my comfort. Sure, I could grab a taco but pasta is it for me. My 1/4 Italian is happy, and so is my blood glucose since eating flour tortillas makes it spike. The Mexican in me cries.

On another note, the BNC woke up super early this morning because the Ikea in Houston was having a grand re-opening. The first 100 people received a free chair. The store didn't open up until 9a so he woke up at 5a and left. The store isn't far from our home so no freeway ride needed. When he arrived, he discovered he was number 37. He received a blue band and told he could pick it up whenever he was ready to leave. While waiting, that fool got a danish and coffee yet upon the store opening, he ate the free breakfast that consisted of eggs, bacon and hash browns. He also got a free bag. Let me say, I never mentioned the sale to him. He decided to go all by his lonesome since it's his day off. He continuously sent me texts and pictures as he reported an overabundance of mullets. I tell ya. I just know that fool better go and fix my left brake light on my vehicle. :)


Ali said...

"Olive Garden kitchen in Italy? Yea, right."

THANK YOU. I don't buy it. And why does every single dish they feature in their commercials consist of some sort of cheese sauce? There's so much more to Italian food than pasta covered or baked in cheese.

How's the new Poang looking in your place?

Margie said...

I know! OMG, it's just terrible. I had to go some months ago, because I know some people who like it and they chose so I was outnumbered, and I decided to get the spaghetti and meatballs. I've had better balls from a frozen bag.

The chair is awesome but it just doesn't fit properly in our little place. So, I'm giving it to the Old Man, who needs a chair, as a thank you for helping his daughter lift all the heavy stuff lately.