Thursday, June 17, 2010

Papas con Huevo y Frijoles con Chorizo

Potatoes with egg and refried beans with Mexican sausage, typically a breakfast dish, would have tasted so much better with some flour tortillas but, they get me in trouble and since the BNC has appointed himself Team Diabetes Warden, we had none. I am only allowed 2 but who can only eat 2? He's a tough one. He doles out the light ice cream in controlled scoops (3 small ones) as well as snacks (none) and diet soft drinks (none). We keep fruit in our home but no snacks such as chips, pastries, etc. Soft drinks are only purchased in 2-liter form and only 1 at a time. It can be tough being a diabetic as well as having PCOS but, I know it's for the best that I abstain from eating the stuff I know, and have proven via much testing, is bad for me. My Grandma, who celebrated her 87th birthday yesterday, the same day as Tupac, was recently diagnosed as diabetic. I beat her to the punch. Diabetes just doesn't run in my family yet I was lucky enough to win the award. However, I keep up with my testing, diet and my doctor appointments. I'm working on the exercise more but oy, that heat. I know, excuses. So, I'm doing the best I can and thank goodness for insurance cause this stuff, even with it, just isn't cheap.

However, if I ever make it to 80 and everything is all good, you best believe I'm going to throw up the deuce and go all out. As much as I want my beloved Grandma to live forever, I think they (her kids) should stop riding her so damn hard about her diabetes. Let her eat that piece of cake cause you know I am. This woman, my Ama, has put up with so much and I feel that she should just have a little more room to indulge as opposed to me. I, hopefully, have a lot of living to do as a diabetic. So, as favorite granddaughter, I buy her the beer she likes (cause that's how Mexican grandmas roll) and her favorite coffee. My Grandma made the above meal, most of the time without the chorizo, every morning, with flour tortillas made from scratch, while we were there spending the summer with her and the cousins. Every morning. She no longer makes breakfast since she retired herself from it, but I blame the Parkinson's. It's ok though since it's my turn to "pay her back."

And if she were here and I were to ask her, "Right Grandma?", she'd reply with a, "Claro que si, mija." which translates to, of course!

My Grandma, my Ama this past Christmas

Hugs, Grandma!


Hollie said...

why does bad food have to taste sooo damn good? Diabetes runs on both sides of my family, so I am extra cautious about what I eat.. but I do love Mexican food.

Margie said...

The tacos, who is going to eat the tacos besides me?!!!?! Can someone please think of the tacos?!

Hopefully you never get it, Hollie and that's awesome that you are aware of how it runs in your family.

Ali said...

Mike would CRUSH the contents in that first picture. I'll go as far as to say that it's in his Top 5 meals.

Happy birthday Grandma!

Giant lols for the nonchalant Tupac mention.

Margie said...

Thank you, thank you. I get a kick out of that tiny fact about my Grandma. It made her laugh as well.

Even though I've eaten this meal more times that Joey's sisters got scored on, and more times than any other meal, I just can't get tired of it. Mike may just become an honorary Mexican! We shall welcome him.

France vs. Mexico just ended with a 0-2 in favor of Mexico and I predict no lawns will be mowed tomorrow. AHAHAHA!