Monday, June 28, 2010

The Good and The Bad Can Equal The Ugly

It looks good, doesn't it? A chocolate cupcake with icing and sprinkles and a little bit of chocolate with a mixer on it. But let me tell you, after deciding to try one after we had some Chuy's mexican food for our male co-worker's baby shower, I quickly regretted the decision. It was bad. They come from Crave Cupcakes, a place so many people on Yelp actually rave about. The cake part had no flavor, no moisty goodness, nothing. I spit it out immediately. The aftertaste was worse. So disappointing. Looks like a boobie to me though.

After visiting a friend Friday evening and coming home to an empty fridge, I stopped by and got us some Popey's chicken. I haven't eaten Popeye's in a really long time so why not? Never disappoints.

Saturday, I clocked in some good quality time with my mom. I usually like to take her to places she hasn't been to before and this time it was 5 Guys Burgers and Fries. I'm not too crazy about it since the cheeseburger is nothing to having sexy dreams about but their fries, both types, are yummy. Personally, Smashburger is so much more better but that's me. Afterwards, we watched the World Cup to see USA lose against Ghana. It was to be expected. Good memorable games, USA. Don't you let them tell you any different.

Buffalo Wild Wild Wings with one of my BFFs before the BNC's show. I think he's using me to drive so he can drink. As long as he picks up the tab then I'm good. We're planning on coming here for UFC this Saturday.

In other news, Mexico lost in their World Cup game yesterday against MFing Maradona and Argentina. Whatever. And with that, all my teams are out. Sigh. Good luck to the remaining teams except Argentina. Just saying.


Ali said...

There are few things more disappointing than biting into a cupcake (especially one that looks as enticing as the one pictured) and having it suck so bad. Sorry for the bad boobie.

I think we'll be watching the fight this weekend, too. I would love to spike Lesnar's Xenergy with Ex-Lax.

Margie said...

Ahahaha!! I am mesmerized by Lesnar's skinny legs. Go Carwin!