Friday, June 22, 2012

33 weeks

OMG.  Less than 7 weeks remain (I hope) before The Kid makes his appearance.  At my most recent doctor appointment, my doctor told me she was surprised that I was doing so well given that I've had 3 things working against me since the beginning; my age (35), my diabetes and my mild hypertension.  All 3 put me in the high risk category.  At this point, it seems that I won't have any use for insulin injections.  However, I do have an upcoming appointment with my endocrinologist so that could change.  Anything can happen.  I wouldn't refuse the insulin.  I'd do anything if it meant having a healthy and beautiful baby.  Taking care of myself means that I'm taking care of The Kid.  

Currently, I visit my OB doctor, my endocrinologist and now, the maternal/fetal center where they will check The Kid every week until he's born.  They will check his growth as well as his heart rate, etc.  At last check, he is in the 59% tile which is very good.  It's where he should be.  It's confusing but you don't want a baby to score too high here.  90% means he is getting way too big and may have to come out sooner than later.  

But, as I mentioned before, we both are doing very well.  Aside from trying to maintain a healthy diet and exercise plan, it's been relatively low key.  Well, unless you count that overnight hospital stay I had last week, the result of a minor (and I mean minor) fender bender.  No fenders were even bent.  But, with everyone around me worried about me and The Kid, a simple call to the OB, just to quench their worries, landed me in the hospital.  High risk + minor car accident send you to the hospital for observation.  Contractions and The Kid's heart rate dipping into low territory keep you overnight.  Luckily, we passed the remainder of the tests and were sent home the following day.

We still have several things to do and buy before he gets here.  The baby shower is in about 2 weeks so we'll hold off until then to purchase what we need and didn't get.  In the meantime, the things that we have received are being assembled, clothes are being washed and things are being hung in the nursery.  Oh, and classes.  The classes have started because, let's face it, we have no idea what we're doing.  

Have I ever mentioned that I still cannot believe that we are having a baby?  I'm still in shock over here.