Friday, June 4, 2010


Sometimes I want to tell you more about myself but I try to be sensitive to the people I write about. This includes the BNC (affectionately meaning ball-n-chain). He works for a regional grocery store. Great chain of stores that pride themselves on making Texas products by Texans and for Texas. They also have a great specialty store here in Houston, as well as other parts of the state. It's like Whole Foods but, out of loyalty to the BNC, this one is better. ;) (I've never been to a Whole Foods.)

In addition to working for them, he has a discount card. 10% off every product the store makes. Sometimes, this includes 20% especially around the holiday season. Being wife, I get my own discount card. In turn, I make a lot of store trips not only for myself but for friends and family who want in on the discount.

Quinoa pasta in veggie curl form. I finally found it and it was yummy. Needless to say, my Soul Sister, mother to my God children and cousin to the BNC, has asked I bring her some of this when I go up and visit later this month.

Yukon gold potatoes for my mashed potatoes. Ugly skin but that's what a peeler is for.

Asparagus. I personally don't eat it but the BNC loves him some veggies.

They even have their own organic macaroni and cheese from the box. Sounds questionable but it was yummy. The chicken came from the store as well but it wasn't organic, range-free, hormone-free, freedom bird. Nevertheless, the rosemary, olive oil, pepper and salt were. Basically, if the store makes it, and I need/want it, it's going in the basket.

It's a good company to work for and fine, they call my BNC a lot when he's not working especially during dinner time, but you can't win them all. Last month's company picnic was rained out only to be rescheduled for this Sunday. Photos will follow, to a certain degree because, believe it or not, they gave me a frown when I tried to take a picture from last year's 4th of July picnic from inside the kitchen.

Maybe I should bring in some Tupperware because I know the food will be great.

Maybe, in time, I will reveal more and, if you are ever curious, just ask. :)

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