Friday, June 4, 2010

Happy Gotcha Day!

Happy Gotcha Day to Bitty-Girl, aka Itty-Bitty. What started out as a simple trip to Petsmart simply to get a new litter box for Logan and Apolo, left me with no new box and a tiny little black cat. Your first mom was there looking for some toys for you. I heard your cries and wandered over. As she explained her dilemma about how she found you abandoned and was left to care for you, I stared at you. My heart wasn't breaking as her story continued. She basically was stuck with you as you were well under the minimum 2 lb. mark to leave you at the SPCA. You would have faced euthanization. She proceeds to put you on the floor as your hungry cries continued. I picked you up and held you and I was smitten. I volunteered to take you in much to her delight and relief. It was once I got you into the car did I realize what I did. I had to call the BNC and explain. He heard your cries and he knew.

There was a hole in mommy's heart with the passing of Boochie months earlier. You are not a replacement, but you definitely helped in getting over the heartbreaking decision I made concerning the Boocher's health.

And while it took almost a week for Logan to come around, and 2 weeks for Apolo to do the same, it's easy to see how much you love eachother.

You 3 can be such pains in the butt, yet I don't regret a single thing. My heart still misses Boochie but I'm very happy you 3 are with me.

You no longer suckle your bear, which your first mom gave to me when I gotcha. So, it's time I wash it one last time and put it away for you.

So, happy Gotcha Day my little Bitty-Girl. Please, stop using your brothers as launching pads. I don't think they like it.


Ali said...

Dear Bitty-Girl,

Happy Gotcha Day! We haven't formally met but I've seen some pics and heard a few're seriously one of the cutest balls of fluff I've ever seen.

Thanks for mending the hole in your mom's heart. I bet you'd make a great repaircat if you had thumbs.

Margie said...

I spent this past Sunday with some puppies. Oy, the smelling I received and the way she poofed up when I came home. I had to soothe her over with some treats.

She's a good cat even if she likes to jump and kill everything in sight.