Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend Update with Norm MacDonald

World Cup Fever, I gots it. Our first attempt to watch it with people was crowded so we left to Star Pizza which was showing the USA vs. England game and had well, pizza. Better than wings.

Garlicy cheese bread with marinara as well as goat cheese

Half pepperoni, half Starburst, aka everything on a thin whole wheat crust

After a tie game and 1 point in group standings, a raspa from Tampico

Lemon flavoring, no coloring


Mexico tied with South Africa on Friday 1-1 but have 1 point each in group standings. Italia, my favorite and defending champs, play later this afternoon against Paraguay. Go Azzurri!

ps.....I miss SNL with Norm MacDonald. His OJ jokes always had me rolling.


Dancing Branflake said...

Oh yum! That pizza looks amazing!

Ali said...

My friend said that apparently, losing teams get thrown into a pit full of bees. That might get me to finally start seeing what the World Cup is all about :D

P.S. I miss Kevin Nealon's Weekend Update, especially when Bennett Brauer would make an appearance.

"But, for the time being, I guess the network "enforcers" are opting for my reproach, until Joe Consumer tells thems he'd rather get his two cents from commentators who don't "make babies cry" and don't "drink maple syrup straight from the bottle..."

Margie said...

How in the WORLD did I forget Kevin Nealon? OMG, when Bennet (Chris) got caught in the lights and Kevin had to release him, AHAHAHAHA!!

As for the losers in World Cup, I remember in the 1994 World Cup a Colombian player scored an own goal. He was killed sme days later. The team Colombia was playing against? USA. Just a tad extreme, eh?