Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dance Your Cares Away

I had a great weekend up in North East Texas. We went to the T-Bone Walker Blues Festival where we melted under the Texas sun. My SS was running the beer garden, a tiny area blocked off from the rest of the festival. Apparently, the county is a dry one and alcohol sales are incredibly stringent. I don't drink so I really don't care. I was all about getting into the hospitality suite, eating yummy food that was bad for me, such as the funnel cake even if I only ate 1/4 of it, and just meltinggggg. It was HOT but we had a good time. Great music and even better company.

Zac Harmon

Hot but gorgeous views

Moo cow!

And, I got to take my 6-year baby to her karate class and cry.

We managed to take the kids to see Toy Story 3 and while The Boy or, as I refer to him, Baby Juggernaut who wears an extra wide shoe, took a nap, The Girl sat silently throughout the movie nudging me whenever she wanted popcorn or a drink from her cup. She has arrived. Back to Toy Story 3, I urge you to watch it. That is all.

And, speaking of things I love, Amazon has the complete series of Fraggle Rock as the Deal of the Day for only $37.49. B and I adored this show as kids and I'm sure if I call him to tell him about it, he will remember it with a smile and exclaim, "Oh yea, great show!" Shockingly, the BNC was never a fan. He also isn't a fan of The Goonies and let me tell you, it was almost grounds for a divorce. WTF at not liking The Goonies?!

Down at Fraggle Rock!


Ali said...

You ate only 1/4th of the funnel cake?! Get a hold of yourself, woman!

:shakes and slaps you a la Airplane:

Welcome back, lady! You were sorely missed on this side of the internet. I'm glad you had an awesome time. Music fests are always fun, especially when you're with good people.

A little bit of bad news: I never got into Fraggle Rock. Not sure how that one slipped past in my childhood.

However, I am now and will always be a Goonie.

Margie said...

I get that not everyone watched Fraggle Rock since it was on HBO but The Goonies? That's just wrong, so wrong.

Margie said...

Damnit, I hit post comment early.

Don't call me Shirley!

I was watched like a hawk with that funnel cake since I had a bit of a freakout earlier in the morning.

Great to be back.