Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Summer of Margie

I had cousins, the naughty ones that always got you in trouble kind, that, even if they passed the school year, were forced to attend summer school.  It wasn't a strategic move in order for my aunt to get her kids ahead on their education (cause 2 of them turned out to be high school dropouts) but rather, it was just a move to get them out of her hair.  It was brilliant because they were unruly.  I used to be jealous of such an opportunity not because I loved school (well a little since they had books and toys and crayons and my friends) but shit, you try keeping your cool in hot ass Mexico where an air conditioning unit was for the rich.  AC units aren't pricey but as hot as Mexico was, that meant the unit would be on 24/7 leading to a high electricity bill.  Just thinking about it and I can feel myself getting itchy and sweaty. 

I should mention that we got shipped out to Grandma's house in Mexico every damn summer.

What's my point?  I'm going to severely cut back on my blogging posts this summer.  With my recent book store visits lately, I've amassed several books that are in desperate need of being loved.  Today I will finally receive the next book in the series I am reading.  After trying to find it at the used bookstores, I had to use Amazon and order it.   It cost me $2 and it is tattered and I love it.  I'm super excited about it afterall, reading is FUNdamental.

I'll continue to tackle My List of Places to eat in 2011, Netflix love, cooking with Bitty but I'll also be reading more, which means less TV, and I'll be rejoining a bowling league on Friday nights.  Side Note: The first night I joined a bowling league, 10 years ago, Tropical Storm Allison hit and we spent the night in the bowling alley.  Sometimes you can't make this shit up.  And we're back.

I'm calling this summer, The Summer of Margie, just like George except I'll continue to work.  There are several books to read, movies to watch (HP, Green Lantern, Captain America), parks to visit, trips to plan, friends to hang out with, new food to eat and, let's not forget,  I'll be turning 35 at the end of the summer.  And while I have no plans to cease stumping for Harry, sleeping with Buster or watching Jem and the Holograms, it's a big number.  Basically, I have a pre-35 bucket list.  I have several things I'm working on that, as much as I want to, I cannot share with you at the moment.  But, trust me, I will.  So, I'm going to have fun this summer.  I'm going to try and do so many things, most of which are going to be new adventures for me, but, at the same time, I'm planning on chilling a lot with the cats and my books.  Posting is going to be erratic and, since I won't be trying to make proper posts for you, I've started a tumblr where posting a single picture is more than enough.  Feel free to follow me there. 

Lastly, share with me your summer reading, or whatever it is you have going on this summer.  Maybe I'll join you.