Thursday, May 27, 2010

Failures and Randomness

As a diabetic, I really don't eat too many sweet pastries. The added sugar on top, as well as the sugar already in the cake/pie/whatever, is a little too much. Not that I can't eat it. I can but it has to be a small portion. That small portion can contain a lot of sugar/carbs that I may as well just "save" it and eat a good meal. However, sometimes I try just because I want to scratch that itch. So, I purchased a box of cake mix. Voila! I would like to call it Pink Failure.

Since I rarely bake, I never noticed that my no-stick baking spray had expired. But, years ago, I had purchased these silicone cupcake molds.

No bueno. They were a pain to get out of my mold. A pink murder scene made up of muffin tops and bottoms, some whole though, was what remained. Maybe a bakery called Top of the Muffin a la Elaine? I'll admit it, I ate one and I wasn't thoroughly pleased. They were brittle as well. No spongy goodness that would make a glass of 2% milk go wild. Boo-urns!

The next day, at work, since I rarely have any semblance of soda in my home, I drank an entire can of Diet Dr. Pepper. It was a calming factor in the Great Pink Muffin/Cupcake Disaster of 2010. Notice my finicky work printer. It decides what it wants to print and what it doesn't.

Carbs, it makes things better no? I tested a great deal on how pasta affected my blood glucose. My poor fingers really endured a lot during that time and I am happy to say that the 1/4 Italian in me is happy that I can celebrate that part of my ethnicity. I have to limit my flour tortilla intake though. :(

My little Bitty-Girl seeing me off to work. This was her this morning, waving as I walked away. It breaks my heart and I can only imagine how terrible that pain would be if I have children.
Let's talk 80's, a marvelous time to be a child. The Karate Kid was on last night and while we only caught the last 15 minutes of it, I still shed a tear when Daniel-son is injured badly by the Kobra Kai's Johnny and Mr. Myagi tells Daniel, "Myagi here. Myagi here." The love he had for Daniel, and vice versa, gets me every time. Daniel's lacking of a father figure makes me sad yet relieved that I have the Old Man. So many of my friends either don't have a father or simply just have a really shitty dad. I am happy, and grateful, that I have an amazing father. But, the story of my dad and his awesomeness is saved for another day.


Ali said...

That printer is trying to eat your Dr. Pepper.

Aww, Bitty-Girl's saying peace to mama. I try to avoid making eye contact with Simcoe if he's in the window when I leave. I do love it when he there when I get home. I jump up in down in front of the window and it worries the neighbors.

Margie said...

It's so hard to not watch since I have to lock the door. :(

We'll need to see photos of Simcoe. :)