Friday, October 8, 2010

The Pantry

I've had that realization, the same one wherein you take a photo, yourself included perhaps, and realize dude, I look terrible.

After The Fridge 1 and 2, I noticed I had to clean out my fridge a little. The same now goes for The Pantry.

Wowza. I need to sift through it again and either have a big pantry party or just throw it away and not get sued. Fine, my stuff isn't that old, it's just, well, I have a lot of kitchen towels.

But, I didn't clean it out. I left it as it was and posted it anyhow. Why pretend? But, I do plan on cleaning it out this weekend and update my spices, etc. Until then, I'm on my way to being on Hoarders.

The top shelf, not seen from the first photo cause I'm short and my kitchen is a little tight. The contents are Bounty paper towels, Honey Nut Cheerios, Britta filters and generic Corn Pops. I hate Corn Pops, both brand and generic. Honey Nut Cheerios though, yum. But alas, those aren't for me. I've banned myself. Those, with even the skimest of milks, will raise up my blood glucose levels to 200 and beyond. Never, ever bueno.

The second shelf consists mostly of spices, salts, Nutella, peanut butter and bread.

The third shelf is mostly pastas, rices, oils, cat treats, my sugar-free drink mixes and canned tomato sauce.

The fourth shelf, ouch, look at all those towels. I did some purging in my closet and I guess I should do a kitchen one as well. Anyhow, dry beans, lentils, napkins, bacon press, matches and wet canned food for the cats. Shit, are you seeing those towels.

The fifth shelf is mostly trash bags, ziploc bags, foil, my toaster oven (rarely used but dude, it needs a cleaning), my hand mixer and my rolling pin for all those flour tortillas I shell out. :(

Lastly, a recycled container of cat litter, that I no longer purchase, full of cat food. I used to leave it in the bag until I once left the door open and BAM, food and fat cats everywhere.

It's evident I need to work on my organizational skills in the kitchen and while it may not seem like a lot of food, I don't like to store too much of it or chances are it will wind up in the trash. And, I have shaky hands and a tiny kitchen and I was trying to hold onto cats, who know the treats are in here, and eek, my photos are not that bueno.

However, I'd love to see other people's pantrys and fridges.


Ali said...

Damn towelie! Actually, you've inspired me to buy more. I fly through them jokers when I'm baking so I could use a few extras.

What is that can next to the Nutella? I was intrigued by the words "Kids Play Clay" on the back and started to wonder: what would be in that can that would allow you to make play clay?

Margie said...

Ah, that would be cornstarch. I've always been intrigued by that recipe but I could see the cats finding it and just putting it everywhere.

Towels rock but oh man, I need to get off the sauce. I'm attracted to aprons as well.

Alison said...

Your cupboards look like mine! My roommates and I have a designated peanut butter and nutella shelf. 'Cause, sometimes, you just really have to get your nutella on. (Last night: peanut butter and nutella frozen yogurt shakes. Best. Idea. Ever.)

And I agree with you on the Corn Pop situation. Corn Pops are NEVER good.

Margie said...

Oh my. Peanut butter and nutella yogurt shakes?!?!!!

Recipe please!

I just saw Franken Berry, Boo Berry and Count Chocula at Target. SUGAR.