Friday, October 29, 2010

Beyond Pissed

I stayed up late last night, Project Runway was finally having its season finale, so my bedtime was moved from 9p to 10p. I went to bed angry, very angry. I think I am done with the show. I joked that I would be done until next season but, after the WTF from last night, I think I mean it. Nina Garcia and The Duchess, Michael Kors, can eat a BIG stale shit sandwich.

More info here and eventually here and here as well.


Ali said...

While I don't watch Project Runway, I do think that that's a badass pic.

Margie said...

I want to RAGE so bad. I want to get my Hulk Smash hands and RAGGGGGE all over those 2 fuckers. I want to unleash the killer inside Bitty Girl on them. I had angry dreams last night. Yea, I'm done.

Bitty reminds me of Batman when she perches herself on the edge of the counter.