Tuesday, October 19, 2010

And now for something completely different...again

The BNC wrote this as a 9-year old and my MIL, being a super organized hoarder, kept it and finally handed it over to me. It's a piece of folded paper, the word note written on the outside. On the inside is the real gold with the following sentence: Dear mom I am leveng you. cos I hat you. The story of what finally drove him over the edge was, as punishment, my MIL purchased 2 Happy Meals, the BNC's favorite, proceeded to eat them both, play with the toys and then dump them in the trash. All in front of his face. Psychological warfare, my friends. The CIA has nothing on my MIL. That eventually led to the runaway letter.

I adore that he remembered his salutation. I adore more that she kept all of his stuff such as his heavily played with Transformers and the self-portrait he did in 3rd grade.


Ali said...

Oh snapple. She played with the toys, too! BNC must have been in big trouble. And not the fun Pop-o-Matic bubble kind.

What an adorable note. "Note" kills me.

Margie said...

He has no clue what he did. Totally had to have been a doozy. I framed his self-portrait and I am going to frame this one as well.