Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Grandmas Do It Better

My Grandma makes the most amazing chicken ever. (Are all of our Grandmas the best?) But, she doesn't really bake. She instead uses her oven to store her pots and pans. It must be a Mexican thing cause I've been to several homes in the Old Country where they use it as a storage unit. Everything my Grandma ever cooked was prepared on the stove itself. So, when it comes to chicken, Grandma fries it. Yet, hers doesn't stick regardless that she doesn't own any non-stick pans or a cast iron. Even my momma's chicken sticks. We call this special talent as having The Hand or, in spanish tiene mano. My Grandma tiene mano for everything. She has The Hand for plants, cooking, head scratches, story time, playing games, telling jokes, drinking beer and jumping rope. In other words, my Grandma rocks.

My Grandma showing one of my littlest cousins, bottom right, how to jump rope.


Ali said...

OMG! Cutest grandma ever! Look at her go!

I wonder if all of those qualities are gifted to you once you become a grandma? Should you ever have a BNC Jr., I have a feeling that your mom's chicken would magically unstick itself.

Margie said...

Hmm, you have a point. Even if my mom already has grandchildren though they are as elusive as Bigfoot, I'll consider it.

Anything for Grandma's chicken. ;)