Friday, October 15, 2010

Live from NY, It's Saturday Night!

30 Rock was amazing last night. It was live and utterly hilarious and it was what I wish SNL could be one day (again); hysterically funny. I long for the days of Chris Farley, Adam Sandler, Chris Rock and, most certainly, the genius Phil Hartman. I wish I could share my favorite skits but I guess just saying that era was my favorite is all I can muster. Those early SNL with Belushi, Chevy, Gilda Radner, Eddie Murphy, etc. were great as well. Samurai Deli, the Blues Brothers (great movie btw) and Belushi's Olympic commercial for donuts are some of my favorites. Ah, good stuff.

30 Rock gave me hope even if the laughing audience threw me off since 30 Rock doesn't have a laugh track.

There is no reason, much less a tie-in to SNL and 30 Rock, with the following photo other than to showcase exactly what I walk into when I come home every day; A cat nap that I'm sure is well into its 6th hour. It's as if Logan McFatPants was playing with his toy and just decided to take a nap. That is a jerk move if I ever saw one.

If those 3 aren't in a pile then they are scattered. Bitty Girl may be on the counter passed out or on the table passed out. Apolo could be on the couch or under the table.

Notice Apolo's stumpy legs under the table with Bitty Girl nonchalantly wondering why I'm making such a big fuss when I clearly should be getting everyone some treats. She's a menace (II society) for tearing up all of my paper napkins that should be in their holder in the background. If there was a cat juvi, Bitty Girl would surely be in it.


Ali said...

I say this about a lot of shows but I seriously need to check out 30 Rock. How many seasons have there been?

If you and I were to go out for coffee to discuss our favorite SNL skits, we would go through multiple pots of coffee. LAY OFF ME, I'M STARVING!

Hahaha @ "When cleary I should be getting everyone treats." I love how Bitty Girl speaks for the group. I want to give Apolo's legs a little tug.

Margie said...

I love that particular Farley skit!
"Um, Chrissy, aren't you on a diet or something?"

Yes, we would speak at great length about SNL amongst other things.

30 Rock is in its 5th season. It's funny, witty and Alec Baldwin is awesome.