Thursday, October 28, 2010

Move Over, Julia!

Sometimes you need to clean out the pantry and the refrigerator, bust out your dutch oven and make something that just is nothing short of yums. It came at the right time, too. I've been burnt out lately. I'm tired, slightly stressed and despite my Lunesta, not sleeping as comfortably as I would like. Add the urgent need for new pillows and a perfect storm of yucks in the morning is created. My spine feels off center and that in turns makes everything hurt. I have always suffered from terrible back problems so feeling my back out of whack (haha) has me feeling sluggish and incredibly old. But making dinner is extremely therapeutic for me so, despite a long and tedious work day, putting the time and effort for some chicken noodle soup was just what I needed to get a little spring back in my step. Part of the routine is to talk to a feline, doesn't matter which one, that may have wandered into the kitchen in hopes of a nom, as if I'm on the Food Network, and explain to them what I'm doing, why I'm doing and why it needs to be done. It's got Crazy Cat Lady written all over it (including an A&E show) but I tend to be home alone for a good while until that old Ball-n-Chain comes home. Typically Bitty Girl is my main audience. She listens and watches attentively, doesn't have her legs in the air that much and doesn't yawn. So, excuse me while I check my phone for any missed calls from the Food Network, TLC or A&E.


Ali said...

Everything about chicken noodle soup (the nostalgia, the process of making it, shit...the soup itself) is so comforting. Having a cat audience helps, too.

If you do get your own Food Network show, the cats need to be in it, too.

Margie said...

Originally I wanted to make chicken flautas (taquitos) but that takes so much time and they are never good reheated. Chicken noodle soup though....mmmmmmmmm.

Cooking with Bitty.

Ali said...

Tiny little chef's hat for her.

Margie said...

Awwww...yes. At least long enough to take a photo before the shredding commences.