Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Fridge, Part 2

Yesterday I showed you a photo of the front of my fridge. Today, let's take a look around the bend.

The dry erase calendar, an essential in every kitchen with a husband who has no set schedule at work and plays bass in a band. A lot.

The program to the BNC's beloved Grandmother's funeral. (Evidently, I collect memorial service programs.) She was buried on Halloween 2008 so our costumes that year were People Who Had Just Buried Their Grandmother. One of the crappiest weeks ever since we had to put Boochie down at the vet's.

A pencil drawing from our God daughter to the BNC for Father's Day. It's her and him, holding hands and, it seems, doing some sort of gangsta lean. It's adorable. This sketch is being held up by more Office magnets. Look, there was a time when I adored this show and Target, with their awesome dollar section, had gone Office crazy with all sorts of stuff and I bought into it, ok? I sooo bought into it that I actually have an I heart Jim mug. I eagerly await Target's Community dollar stuff and the potential for an I heart Jeff (or Troy, Abed, Pierce or Chang) mug.

Moving on....

Cutting boards, lots of them, all shapes and sizes and every single one of them has a job. Veggies, resting, carving, all of that. Justification submitted. Waiting for acceptance....

Linguini pasta holder with the stereotypical Italian chefs all around. Why there is only linguini inside is beyond me. I guess one day it decided it just wanted to be only for linguini.

Fruit, fruit, fruit. I buy it a lot because that BNC can scarf it.

And now, a tour of the inside.

Top shelf-some of my meds that need refrigeration, water, sugar-free Kool-Aid, Fresca and chicken broth.

Middle shelf-heavy cream, tomato sauce, corn tortillas, ham, turkey, cheese and eggs.

Bottom shelf-chicken breasts (that were made into chicken soup last night) and grapes.

Next, the door.

From the top-salted butter.

Middle-A sauce called Bodacious cause I fell for the cooking demo at the store. (Worth it.) Pickles, lime juice, steak sauce, mayo and beer.

Bottom-grape jelly, grated parmesan cheese (for my corn), ketchup, a marinade, shredded cheese, low sodium soy sauce and.....I have no idea what that last bottle is.

On to the freezer...

From left to right, container of beans in front of a container of chili, ice cream, chuck steaks, a whole chicken and the ice cubes trays.

And lastly, the freezer door.

Arm and Hammer freezer thingamajig (there should be one in the fridige but maybe it got shy and hid behind the Kool-Aid), a breakfast sandwich, sugar-free pops and my finger.

After viewing the photos now, my fridge seems a little bare. I just hate having to throw away food (who doesn't?) that either went bad sitting there, waiting for me to come around and incorporate it into our meal or, I made too much and the BNC couldn't stay for dinner or no need for a leftover lunch because of some function at work, blah, blah, blah, down the garbarge disposal/trash can. (I told you that calendar was essential.) So, I buy things I know I'm making that week, plan for leftovers, or not, and try my hardest to NOT throw money away. The pantry, on the other hand, is cramped. It's stuffed with dry goods, food storage baggies, spices, kitchen towels and cats treats that the cats are now aware of where they're stored because they stand in front of the pantry door and do the I know the treats are in there so give me one, mom stare. (In the great words of Conan the Destroyer) But that is another story...

So, what do you have?


Ali said...

I love the fridge spotlight! It's so interesting to see your staples and what you treat yourselves to. I love that you went with a colored Brita pitcher. We have the green one to match the kitchen.

Will you do the pantry next?

Margie said...

A week after I purchased the pitcher, purple came out. Dangit.

Definitely will do the pantry next week. Maybe there will be a cat appearance because they come running now whenever it's opened. Fat asses.