Friday, October 29, 2010

T-Shirt Ideas

I recently purchased 2 t-shirts from Woot. I purchased today's shirt after I couldn't stop staring at it. Maybe since the cool weather arrived yesterday and I get to wear a jacket put me in the mood to dream about the upcoming sweater weather. Whatever. I got it. Then, last week Woot had a sale on their shirts and BAM, I got this beauty. I'm not a big Doctor Who fan but ANYTHING for Back to the Future. Besides, I totally get it.

Then, during a moment at work, when I realized things were turning a bit too stressfull, I drew this.

This particular one took me a moment because I couldn't find the right face to illustrate exactly how No Bueno is supposed to be read.

I might need to come back to this one and fix the face but I really like it.

This one though, I like a lot. I can envision the whole thing as a shirt as well as the shirt my imaginary person is wearing. The BNC gets t-shirts made for his band and I may inquire about making these 2. I need to sketch them better and that may be hard since I'm not an artist. Hell, I didn't even take art in high school. Come to think of it, I can't remember what I took as my fine arts elective. Spanish? Heh. Let me go off on a tangent. I TOTALLY bombed that class. I would skip it all the time, smoke out by where the auto shop class (another class I should have taken and breezed through since MY DAD is an auto mechanic) was and share some smokes with people I never really knew. So, I received a 50 in that class. Yes, me. I speak spanish, it was my first language and I got a 50. But, I took the final and made a 100. My report card was awesome that year.

Okay, I'm back in. During last night's craptastic Project Runway, contestant Mondo, who should have won, made this amazing tote and I want it. I want to make my own but I'm not creative enough to pull it off. But, maybe, just maybe, I am and just maybe, I should start with a t-shirt.

And now I'm nervous about sharing this.

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