Monday, October 11, 2010

Lick my wounds

A chorizo con huevo y frijoles taco is a nice reward for going to work early Saturday morning. So early that there was NO LINE at Laredo Taqueria. SCORE.

Caldo de res is also a nice reward after your team loses a second straight game. At least the Cowboys lost too but how dare they make me root for the Titans. Had we won our game against the Cowboys, I wouldn't have cared much less watched the whole game.

The Texans lost again, Logan. I'm sorry.


Ali said...

I could have used that reward this morning. Instead I had to settle for a Clif bar. Weeee.

(hi Logan!)

Margie said...

I had to google Clif Bar. They look perfect for 3p, when the ghost of Robert Goulet shows up.

Logan says hi. He loves everyone and their laps yet he apologizes in advance for numbing out your thigh. He's a tad floofy.