Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Fridge

Moving left to right...

A Smurfs Grouchy notepad because I totally watched the Smurfs as a kid. I even had Smurfette (cause my mom was all about me having the girl doll) and B had Papa Smurf. Let me say, neither one of us is happy about the movie coming out. Well, maybe a little.

Top of my Grouchy fridge pad are two cards from 2 separate memorial services I attended over the summer. I can't find a valid reason to throw them away. The tiny obituary and prayer on the back are sweet and touching and brings a tiny smile to my face that I attended both services.

The Office dry erase pad. I LOVED this show and then, something happened. I can't pinpoint when it jumped the shark but the excitement I used to have on Thursdays in anticipation of a new episode is gone. It is now reserved for Community and Parks & Recreation (when it returns in January and don't even get me started on that).

A photo of my mom and I about 11 years ago because I am wearing a Black Sabbath Reunion concert shirt from 1999. I totally went. Pantera opened up for them and then 5 years later Dimebag was killed. ONSTAGE! Yes, I listen to metal but it's the tip of the iceberg. I listen to all sorts of music. I don't hate. Unless it's Justin Beiber. I don't get singing baby, baby, baby over and over again.

The photo of my mom and I is being held by a magnet asking us to save the date for my BIL's wedding. The wedding never happened. They eloped in April 2009 and by the end of the summer, it was over. The wedding was scheduled for November. Yup. Regardless, they get along okay because of the adorable baby girl they had about 2 years prior to the wedding that never happened.

Next, a picture of the BNC and I about a year into our relationship. (We must have been 21.) Our picture was taken in the backyard of a small country club at the wedding of my then co-worker. (I worked at a stationery store. FUN!)

Right next to it, a picture from my high school graduation. Class of 1995! Go Bulldogs! Why, you ask, do I have a photo of my high school graduation on my fridge? Well, recently my mom started giving me all of my stuff from her house. Such items include my baby shoes, that I guess I will have to bronze by myself, my pacifier, in which she completely traumatized me when trying to wean me off of my first BFF, and photos of me in my young and awesome days. (I'm now older and still awesome.)

These two photos are being held by a souvenir from my honeymoon to Las Vegas. We did it all backwards you see. We should have eloped but.....I'm an only daughter with an awesome dad and it would have crushed him if I took his moment to walk me down the aisle. Sniff. Back to the magnet, it had my long ass first name so buysies!

Top right, a penis magnet. I know. It was one of the party favors from my bachelorette party, almost 6 years ago, and you never throw away a good magnet. I used to hide it on the side of the fridge when my mom used to visit when it suddenly hit me. Dude, you're old. You can do whatever you want. Let's see if she asks you about it. She never did much like the Hustler magazine incident.

A sheet of magnets from The Office. See above for explanation.

Finally, a postcard from a friend who works for an alternative newspaper here. A great read and a great friend. However, I have yet to see Kick Ass. I know, I know. It's on my Netflix though!

Tomorrow, a picture of the inside as well as the other side of the fridge.


Ali said...

Margarita. I always wondered what Margie was short for. Does anyone ever ask if your name is Margaret? Margarita is so much cooler.

I'm looking at the cast/voices for the Smurfs movie - there are some big players in it, yo! Alan Cumming, Katy Perry, NPH, Paul Reubens as Jokey Smurf, etc. I could have sworn Jokey Smurf had a different name back in the day. Pranky? Funny? I could be wrong.

Do you point the penis up when you're having a good day and down when you're having a bad day? It's like those Clean/Dirty magnets they sell for dishwashers.

Margie said...

With the middle name and the new last name, they never ask. My mom has the same first name as I do and it was always a pain to find out what Margarita the other voice on the phone was looking for so I shortened it. Not legally though. My grandfather, my dad and my older brother have the same name. My nephew's name is different, thank God. Shit had to stop.

I believe it was Jokey Smurf. I loved his giggle.

As for the magnet, I have tried to use it for the dishwasher but those damn cats sure love to play with it. Ahahahaha! (Jokey laugh!) It's an odd feeling to walk into our home with a penis magnet in the water bowl.

Liam O'Malley said...

I love Community. Just sayin.

And no comment on 30 Rock?

Margie said...

I LOVED 30 Rock and then the second half of last season happened and I lost it. It's in my Netflix queue though.

Should I get back on the horse?