Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rice, Rice Baby

Rice (Mexican rice, Spanish rice-whatever) used to be my kryptonite. It was constantly coming out either overcooked or undercooked. I eventually got it but not after major trial and error. Burnt rice is one of the worst smells ever and the way it just permeates everything is nothing, absolutely nothing, short of amazing.

For my rice, I use the long grain version and fry it in olive oil.

Once the rice becomes this more opaque color, I add some freshly minced garlic combined with a couple of pinches of ground cumin. I have a molcajete, given to me by my mom, but I prefer to run the garlic in a microplane. If not, I would really have to give it to the garlic and the cumin seeds otherwise I'd run the risk of biting into some chunks and that flavor stays with you for a long while. In other words, no bueno.

I add a little water to the garlic/cumin mix and throw into my fried rice. In addition, a little tomato sauce, or paste, should be added here to add a little flavor and color.

Nicely fried.

I add some water, some Knorr chicken bouillon, in case the stock is not available, cover and boil. Right before the rice is cooked through though, I take it off the burner and leave it covered.


So, I went to Target a while ago, and while I managed to buy some of the items on my list, I failed to summon the energy to return to a part of the store I passed up for the peppermill. No bumping and grinding tonight. I also failed to go back for a DVD player cleaner which means that my Batman DVD player (yes, I own one) sits idle and tempermental. If that doesn't work, off to eBay. Wish me luck.


Ali said...

Nice step-by-step process, Margie! NKOTB would be proud.

R. Kelly, on the other hand, would not.

Margie said...

More specifically, would Joey be proud? Donnie? And who in the hell had a crush on Danny?

I tend to eyeball everything which is why there are never any measurements in what I cook. (Shakes fists at mom and grandma!)

I just hope R.Kelly doesn't pee on me.

Ali said...

If you add the number of girls who crushed on Danny with the number of girl who crushed on Howie from Backstreet Boys, it wouldn't come close to Jordan's fangirls.

Eyeballing is an art - give yourself some props! The perfectionist in me lives for measurements. If we were stuck on a deserted island with an endless supply of food but no cookbooks or measuring spoons, one of us would be sufficiently nourished while the other cried under a banana tree.

Margie said...

I had a friend who was in love with Howie and, I'll admit it, I thought Kevin was easy on the eyes. I'll also admit to owning their CD and singing in the car on my way to Mexico with the BNC who knows the lyrics too.

I can't teach people how to cook unless I actually show them. But you're a baker and I envy your sweets so much and I completely read deserted as desserted. Mmmmmmmm.... Besides, I would TOTALLY share.