Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dead of Dysentry

Oregon Trail! I remember playing this game so much that, now that I think about it, what was the educational value? I suspect the computer teacher was pawning us off. Cleva gurl! Geez, I sure do miss elementary school.

I always chose to be the banker. I don't know why. But, I do remember when I first made it to Oregon. Glorious day! Much like the one time I beat my BNC at NWO Revenge using Chris Jericho where I stood atop my opponent and the referee slowly, I mean seriously, slooooowly counted to 3 and I won. People still talk about it to this day, mainly me. My retirement was swift and immediate after the win while talk of a rematch has continued since but no, I've moved on.

Which leads me to UFC this Saturday night where, once again, with Chapa in tow, we'll be at Buffalo Wild Wings.


Ali said...

Yes, swift retirement is key...because that might be the only chance at winning!

I wonder if they'll ever run out of names for UFC events.

UFC 3,481: Facebeatology

Margie said...

I just remembered another time I beat him. The BNC and his family are master Scrabble players. In the numerous games we've played, I have won just once. The word was SQUATS and it landed on triple word score. That fool never recovered. MUAH HA HA!!

I doubt they will but it's impressive much like Smallville still naming their episodes just 1 word. I need a snack. The ghost of Robert Goulet has showed up.