Monday, August 16, 2010

Barbecue Inn

I found the most amazing chicken fried steak, and fried chicken, I had ever had in my life. Barbecue Inn's chicken fried steak is so amazing that I failed to take a picture of it. The crust actually stays on the steak itself and the gravy, have mercy, Uncle Jesse. I even failed to take a picture of the southern fried chicken I had but, never fear, Underdog went back Saturday afternoon with Chapa and tried again where I found they actually make the most amazing ribs I ever had. Seriously, wtf at this place hoarding all the best stuff?

The ribs were so moist, soft, smokey, so yummy that I cannot wait to go back Saturday afternoon with the BNC.

Their southern fried chicken is so juicy on the inside, so crunchy on the outside that the 20-25 minute wait while they make it for you is forgiveable and you can't really hate on that cause they are making it for you on the spot.

Chapa tried the fried seafood platter that consisted of shrimp, oysters and the biggest crab cake I had ever seen. I'm not a big seafood fan, unless it's Lent season, so I have to rely on Chapa's comments which came back as yum.

I've had my regular barbeque (barbecue, BBQ) places but I can honestly say, that after a visit here, and then Hickory Hollow Sunday, that resulted in dried out chicken and sloppy chicken fried steak, it's safe to say that Barbecue Inn will be it for a long while. I, along with the BNC and Chapa look forward to it.


Ali said...

Finding a new go-to is like finding buried treasure.

I would gladly wait the 20-25 minutes for that chee-kon.

Margie said...

I'm going to pet it and squeeze it. Naughty pet.