Monday, August 2, 2010

Old Favorites

Sometimes you need comfort food. The one that won't let you down. The same one that's made in the same way over and over again that makes you afraid to deviate because it's just that tasty, it's just that comforting.

Take chilaquiles for instance. The BNC's favorite from Spanish Flowers. It's cut tortillas smothered with salsa and cheese with a side of beans. The BNC always asks for a side of their rice. Many people will opt to go to the other Mexican restaurant down the street but I choose this one, always have and always will.

I like their caldo de res (beef stew). It's supposed to be too hot to eat during the summer but since it's a comfort food for me I ordered it anyhow.

The House of Pies usual with eggs over medium, 2 strips of bacon, short stack and a bagel. I tend to get the waffle but this time I threw the waitress for a loop.

A nice chilli dog with sharp cheddar while finally getting to that Netflix movie that's been sitting on top of the TV since, according to the Netflix account, July 10.

There are so many more comfort foods for me. Things such as my grandma's flour tortillas with beans and chorizo, a bowl of Frosted Flakes and my dad's grilled fajitas rank up there. The memories they conjure up, that warm feeling inside, I marvel at how it's wrapped so easily, yet so tightly, into a plate of food that makes me feel safe, happy and sad all at the same time.

Question: Is it chilli, like Chilli from TLC, or chili?

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