Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Out of Memory

Barbecue Inn for Saturday and Red Robin for Sunday before the start of Piranha 3D, which I HIGHLY recommend.

I'm more of a fan of Smashburger but Red Robin was across from the movie theater.

What I need right now....is some good advice, please.

Daddy, daddy, if you could only see,
Just how good he's been treating me.

Sorry, got Madonna playing in the background.

And this is where it ends. My memory card reached its limit. Yes, I even procrastinate in deleting photos. I still have some from Christmas. Whoops. But the tacos last night were yum.

Come on, girls!
Do you believe in love?
Cause I got something to say about it.
And it goes something like this.


Ali said...

Don't go for second best, Margie
put your burger to the test
you know you know you got to
make Smashburger express how it tastes
and baby, then you know your burger is real

Margie said...


Smashburger for the weekend it is.