Monday, August 9, 2010

Hot in the City

Brother's Pizza with some friends Friday night.

Saturday I had to clock in some time with my mom. She treated me to Laredo tacos and I can never say no. However, with 3 locations, all in close proximity to one another, with 2 locations about 4 blocks apart, she chose her personal favorite. I favor the Washington location but since it was already about 10a, going there was out of the question. The line would be out the door. The Fulton location had a small line. However, I discovered they don't have an AC unit. It was hotter inside than out. I'm a slower eater but I rushed through it in order to get out. They make their tortillas on site so that hot comal (griddle) was making it miserable.

There is a farmer's market that my family and I have been visiting since I was single digits. I love when pecans are in season because you can go there and see the machines crack them and sell them to you on the spot. LOVE it. We like to visit the stalls behind the main building and buy directly from the farmers. They're awesome, know you by name and give you great prices on their produce. Anyhow, I took my mom and she got her veggie on while I sweated and eyed the raspa stands nearby.

The BNC got stuck working ALL DAY Sunday and I watched 7 episodes of Dexter Season 4. We broke up with Comcast last week and went to AT&T UVerse. Turns out, rather than wait for Netflix to make Season 4 available, I can watch it On Demand. SCORE!!!

ps....I failed to take pictures of our BWW trip for UFC. Mom dates always wear me out and I was taking long blinks while Anderson Silva let it go 5 rounds. He had me scared for a moment there. Don't do it again.


Ali said...

I heard about the Silva fight. I would've been on the edge of the sofa cushion for all 5 rounds.

Margie said...

I was so worried and exhausted all at the same time. Sonnen won every single round until Silva made him tap in the 5th. Whew.