Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I really miss old TV such as Nickelodeon-Salute Your Shorts, Hey, Dude!, The Ren & Stimpy Show, Clarissa Explains it All, Doug, even old Rugrats episodes.


Ali said...

Old Nick was the best. I think the fact that SYS and Hey, Dude! didn't have laugh tracks really added to the shows, too. It's a shame neither were ever released on dvd.

I want to find Are You Afraid of the Dark? on dvd for my 10 year old niece. Some of them were actually scary!

Margie said...


I think the cutoff for me was AYAotD? I just missed watching it. I did hear that some of them were scary and I may just have to give them a while. My brother was heavy into those Goosebumps books though. I should ask if they are scary.

The theme to Hey Dude! has been in my head since yesterday. Memories.