Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cleaning & Sorting

While cleaning and organizing my photos I found the following that made me laugh as well as sigh very deeply.

The orange tree outside my parents's home. It's a pain to get the ones at the top. It's where a ladder and the BNC come in handy. My parents share their bounty with the couple across the street who have a peach tree. It's a nice companion to the avocado tree on the opposite side of the front yard. Viva Mexico!

Prior to my brother's diagnosis, I had already decided to grow out my hair to donate to Locks of Love. It was a difficult process since my hair was layered and the donated hair has to be one length and at least 10" long. In September of 2009, I reached my goal. It meant a great deal to me since it took on a more personal meaning earlier in the year. In all honesty, I may never do it again. I loathe long hair on me since I have curly, fine hair and it's a pain in the boom boom to care for. Let's not even get into the humidity.

Bitty Girl chilling on the floor of my car as we await the vet to open for business so Bitty can get her spaying on. She doesn't do well inside the pet taxi.

Oh yea, she is adorable but she singlehandedly brought Christmas down last year. I woke up one morning to find the star that was atop the tree on the floor. I had to bring it down or run the risk of having my beloved Transformers ornaments broken. It took me a year to find one of the lambs that had been missing from the nativity scene.

Boochie rubbing up against Joseph. Sigh. One of the best cats ever.

And I cannot believe that I'll be 34 next week. Already? The only plans I have are dinner. I want dinner, dinner, dinner. And froyo.


Ali said...

I'm with you on being a permanent member of the short hair crew. I'm so glad I hacked off that thick, frizzy, hot mess.

Hahaha @ the missing lamb. Crazy ass BG <3 And that pic of Boochie getting fresh with Joseph made my day.

3-4, yo! Barbecue Inn? Taqueria Laredo? So many options!

Margie said...

Look at Bitty Girl chilling under the tree. I swear, she crazy. I found her on the top shelf of my closet this weekend. Surprising yes but I would have been shocked if any of the cats did it.

34! Snuck up on me yet again. I'm thinking pizza. Star or Brother's is the question though.