Thursday, March 31, 2011

Russo's NY Pizzeria

A few months ago, I noticed that Groupon was selling $20 coupons for $10 at Russo's NY Pizzeria.  Since they were on The List (my list of new food places to try in 2011) I had to scoop some up.  I managed to purchase 2 and saved them for when it was time to try another pizza joint.  Yesterday was that day. 

We met up with our good friend, Carlos, there and sampled a variety of items to give us a good indication on what kind of place we were dealing with.  The food was actually pretty good.  Their mozzarella wrapped in prosciutto was yummy while their flatbread, all coal fired cooked, was genius.  Of course, we had to get a pizza because, if a pizza place doesn't know how to make pizza then that's an automatic fail.  When the pizza arrived, it was perfectly crispy and full of toppings not unlike the wimpy kind I've seen at other places.  I ordered a pasta dish, chicken marsala, because I like pasta.  While I found the sauce a little too runny, the noodles were a perfect al dente texture. 

The Final Verdict:
Is it Brother's Pizzeria?  No, not at all but it makes decent pizza and pasta.  It certainly comes closer that the disaster that was Romano's.   But, would I go again?  Sure especially since I have the other $20 coupon still left to use.  Besides, another try at the pizza is needed.  And, I hear there is a brunch?  Holla.

Carlos probably playing a round of Words with Friends.  Cheater.

Chicken marsala = yum.


Ali said...

Damn, you weren't kidding about the toppings. Now that's what I call a pizza! (fyi: not an actual music compilation.)

Margie said...

What?! Tease!

Cat said...

Argh....Hubs and I are still hunting for a fab pizza joint near us (our favorite find so far is about 45 mins away...a bit too far to be a realistic "local" joint! )

Margie said...

That's terrible, Cat. I hope you find one soon.