Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor

By now I'm sure you've learned that Dame Elizabeth Tayor is gone.  I'm completely saddened about it.  This woman was amazing.  UH-MAZING.  She was beautiful beyond anyone's comprehension and yet she was just as equally, if not more, known for her compassion to HIV/AIDS and those living with the disease.  I, like many others, I'm certain of it, enjoyed her films, her perfume and her honest approach to all subjects.  She was even the voice of Maggie Simpson even if she uttered the one word, "Daddy" referencing Homer.  What a unique woman, the last great movie star.  I cried when Gregory Peck died and tonight, I'll go home, watch one of her many movies, the standard retrospective on the news, and shed a tear for a woman I admired from afar. 

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