Friday, March 11, 2011


After last year's, too high potassium readings from some blood work done on Good Friday, I'm not participating in the No-Meat Fridays thing.  Also, I'm not giving up a certain food, etc.  Instead, I will focus on my baseball catching skills, still under construction, mind  you, as well as my awesome kite flying skills.  Skills, I gots 'em, yo.  In other words, I will hit up the park as much I can, a park only 3 blocks from my home.  The park where I flew kites when I was a wee little one. 

The only thing the BNC and I are giving up is going to our beloved House of Pies for our Sunday breakfast.  Instead we will save that money to either give to charity or purchase something for us.  It will be a little hard since they know us there but it's Lent.  However, you know what will be hard?  Cooking.  The BNC will be fasting while I won't so what to make for dinner will be a little tricky.  I will try to fast when I can but I have a date with the Lab soon with a visit to the endo 2 weeks after.  I'm afraid that what happened last year will happen again if I do abstain for the whole meat thing on Fridays, including the 3 days before Easter, the toughest time of all.  So, I'm prepared to make some potato patties, eggplant lasagna, lentils with shallots, green beans with tomatoes and that stuff the BNC loves while I sneak in some protein on the side at dinner time. 

By and by, I made chicken fried chicken yesterday because I hit a roadblock on what to make with chicken breasts.  I had Panko but no egg and had to settle for whole wheat flour.  It tasted good but it was still a fail.

Yup, the flour, without the egg as a binder, didn't really stay on.  A yummy failure nonetheless.


Ali said...

As a kid, I gave up candy and soda every single year. As I've gotten older, I find myself making life/health choices during the Lenten season.

I know it's going to be tough to give up your House of Pies tradition but I think it's awesome that you've decided to put the money to a good cause (whether to a charity or for a necessity.)

Yummy + failure = still a win

Margie said...

There really isn't anything that I'm "addicted' to that would really hurt. In the past I did smoking, SF iced coffee, going out to eat and those hurt. Now, nothing really would unless I gave up eating altogether. I'm just trying to get healthier since I'm getting older. Come on, Easter!