Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Papa Geno's

Papa Geno's was chosen for dinner last night after having to run some unexpected errands that would have left me making our dinner too late.  It was a good choice. 

Papa Geno's is a philly cheesesteak joint that is supposed to be a Philadelphia transplant.  I say supposed because I don't know if they are or aren't.  All I know is that in Philly they use Cheez Whiz on their cheesesteaks and this place is doing it.  I'm not down with that kind of cheese.  Let me make a side note comment for a moment.  My momma didn't really feed us junk food.  I guess you could say that she was way ahead of the curve.  For example, as a 34-year old, I have never had a Happy Meal.  My mom doesn't like it when people feed their kids nothing but sugar or fatty stuff.  Sure, we went to Pizza Hut a lot but I guess we went to a) feed our Italian ancestry and b) my mom doesn't know how to make pizzas.  She always preferred to make our meals no matter how long it took.  Cheez Whiz was one of those items she didn't feed us.  So, rather than get the original Papa Geno's cheesesteak, I got a regular one with white melty cheese (the name escapes me right now).   Dudes, it was good.  The meat was wonderfully cooked and the cheese was awesomely melted and clinging to the meat and bread for dear life.  I didn't go, "ZOMG, this is SOOO good!" when I bit into it because it was just good.  It was good use of bread, meat and cheese and it came together great but it was nothing spectacular.  However, I would go again.  Maybe even try the other items on the menu.  The BNC on the other hand, whose childhood meals consisted of coming out of a box, and with a toy, tried the original with the Cheez Whiz.  He liked it. 

I know I should be taking photos of the food but oy, I don't want to be that person, sitting at the table, whipping out her camera, etc.  I'm sure they wouldn't mind but, what if they do?  Sometimes I can pull it off but then I am forced to share a crappy photo of something I can't even make out. 

In closing, Ralph Macchio is going to be on Dancing with the Stars.  This may finally be the reason I need to watch it. 


Ali said...

THANK you. No Whiz on my cheesesteak, please. Only the stretchy, melty stuff.

I think Ralph Macchio may be the only reason why I tune in this season. To see him sweep his partner's leg.

Margie said...

I know! No FAKE CHEESE please!!!

Your Macchio comment = SLAM DUNK. They better get the competition a body bag. What would have been cooler still, is if they got William Zabka to compete as well.