Monday, January 24, 2011

Romano's Pizza, Etc.

Friday night we finally decided to start tackling The List.  There are 24 places listed and, if we average 2 a month, we'll be good for the year (not including any last minute additions). 

I was in the mood for pizza, and since we had a couple of errands to run, we opted for Romano's, which was in the general area.  B worked here over 10 years ago, after he quit working at the movie theater next door where the BNC and I saw many movies for free.  Romano's is also the place where B met his current girlfriend, a lovely girl that is soooo totally in.  I had only eaten at this place once before and never bothered to return so this year, since it's the Year of Try It, it was placed on The List.  Dudes, I really, really, really wanted to love this place.  It would have made me happy to find a pizza place that was closer and thus more easily accessible than my beloved Brother's.  However, it's not going to happen.  We ordered a regular pepperoni pizza because, if they can't make a basic then why bother.  It was so bland that the first words out of our mouths were, "It ain't Brother's."  I was so disappointed.  The pizza was just a small notch above pizza from the mall.  But, my disappointment doesn't go far since, afterall, this is the whole point of this; to try (and retry) new places.  The pizza may have failed but our mission hasn't.

There are a couple of more pizza places on The List but, after talking to B about them, I have learned that Pink's Pizza is bad.  I'll most likely end up going anyhow for researching sake because it's a permanent notecard.  It's the law and I am no lawbreaker.

Galtin's BBQ, which recently got a great review in the Houston Press, will be the next place to tackle.  Wish us luck.

In other food news, Troop, Chapa and I went to Wings-n-More Sunday afternoon as a precursor to the NFC and AFC Championship games.  As usual, a great time was had.

That is, until I lost Troop's gun at the BNC's show Sunday night.  Yea, I suck.  Troop gonna have to learn MMA. 


Ali said...

Damn. A pizza's gotta be really bad for it to be deemed bad. Too bad about Romano's. But at you least know for sure.

Troop gonna have to learn omoplata.

Margie said...

Troop Silva.