Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Kitchen

When we moved in early February, our kitchen lost a lot of storage space but gained a wider kitchen.  One that now allows us both to be in the kitchen.  Yay.  But it's that pesky storage space that gave us quite the pickle.  Many items, such as my beloved little toaster oven, went to live in our storage unit.  What were we to do?  We figured that we may as well use the walls for our dilemma and so, we looked to Ikea and their Grundtal series.

The BNC installed these for me one a Sunday afternoon.   I put out most of the cookware I tend to favor except for the dutch oven, the braiser and the cast iron.  Those got lucky and found some real estate in the cabinets.  Having a small kitchen makes you get creative on where to put things such as the microwave.  Our solution?  On top of the fridge.  It's seldom used and, quite honestly, I'm thinking of getting rid of it altogether. 

I'm extremely pleased with how it turned out though.  It's still a work in progress but the functionality has come out.  Some of my dry herbs need to be replenished but the ones that are present are ready to be used. 

Even my colorful knives are ready.  And, you know what else?  The toaster oven is out of storage and in the cabinet, and, like the knives, the cookware, and the dry herbs, ready to be used. 


Ali said...

I never knew knives could be so cute. Holla at the Furi! Best knife ever.

Great use of space! I need to know what that hanging plaque above the sink says.

Margie said...

The Furi is my go-to knife. It's awesome.

Good eye there, Ali. It says, "People who hate cats were probably mice in their previous life."

Another one hangs over the stove, on the cabinets doors. It reads, "Attack cat on duty."

Margie said...


"People who don't love cats were probably mice in their previous life."