Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Welcome to Kitteh Korner

Welcome to the corner of our home now named Kitteh Korner.  The majority of their stuff is here, out of our way as well as any guests.  Sure, there is more of their stuff in other parts of our home but all the good stuff is in this corner. 

I finally managed to find a nice, inexpensive cat tree for the kids.  If they tear it, or just  rub their butts on it cause anyone with kids knows all about the butt scooting, then I'm fine with it.

I'm happy to say that they love it.  Logan reminds of Chris Farley.  They're both fat and yet incredibly agile.  He managed to get up there without faceplanting it.


Then Bitty Girl comes along cause she noticed some shit needed to be stirred and that shit was a dangling tail. 

Remarkably, Bitty Girl, while an active and crazy thing killer, has been behaving very well.  It's the older ones that are acting up.  Shitting right outside a litter box with fresh unused litter as well as pissing all over the new mat made from Astro turf.  I've been chalking it up to them being 9 years old, senior citizen kittehs.  It makes me sad to think of them getting older but it may just be them getting all snotty on me.  All in all, I may have to buy a new litter box this afternoon.  

Damn kids. 


Ali said...

Damn, those kids have all sorts of nice shit in that korner!

Our older cat is up to the same pissing antics. Do you have a miracle elixir for the carpet? There's got to be a better way.

Margie said...

I like the Resolve carpet cleaner for those kinds of "accidents". It's annoying and I want to whip their asses but, then I remember that they cats and they're old. But still. Ugh. I may have to take them to the vet for some answers on their snootiness.