Monday, February 28, 2011

Texas Cafeteria

Texas Cafeteria has been around for quite some time.  It's located across the street from the Fiesta, a regional grocery store, that my family frequented many, many times so naturally, I saw this place a lot.  (Fiesta features many latin foods hence the visits.)  My curiosity has always been piqued but finally, after decades, we went in to check it off The List and, unfortunately, I was disappointed.  The food was pretty standard though filling but it was nothing fancy.  Then again, we had the basic eggs, bacon, hashbrowns and pancakes deal.  It's pretty hard to fuck that up but, at the same time, I want omg yums and alas, dudes, it was just ok.  I still prefer my House of Pies usual of eggs, bacon, bagel and waffle. 

One of the problems I had with Texas Cafeteria was the way things were being run.  You order your food at the counter, because breakfast isn't served caferteria style, and you receive your ticket stub.  After your meal is prepared, they yell out your number and bring it to you.  Any extras you want, syrup, ketchup, Splenda, you must get on your own.  After you are done, you go back to the counter, swerving in and around tables, to pay.  It's an archaic and offputting method and I don't like it.  Let me pay as I order or have a station near the exit door so I can pay there.  The yelling is offputting as well.  But, having numerous photos of wildlife, such as bears, fish, deer and pigs, is more offensive than the gruff man yelling out ticket stub numbers because he thinks the waitress isn't loud enough.  Yes,  you read that right.  DEAD ANIMALS.  NEXT TO MY BOOTH.  I'm no vegetarian and I'm all for killing animals for food, etc. (cause I'm a Mexican) but holy shit, I don't want to eat some hashbrowns with a photo of a dead bear at my table. 

I may go back to try the lunch items but that is about it.  Disappointing but at least we finally figured out the mystery of Texas Cafeteria. 

Then yesterday, I went to the park and flew my Spider-Man kite.  Just like old times.

I also learned how to catch but not before I took one in the arm.  Holla!


Ali said...

Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man kite!

Bummer about Texas Cafeteria. Onto the next item on the list, bruisey.

Margie said...

I am super sore from the catching, the throwing, the hit I ate, and the kite flying.

My kite was way awesomer than what the other kids had. AHAHAHA!