Friday, September 10, 2010

Gordon Gartrelle

Quitting time for me is 4p and I'm usually walking into a 3-cat nap well into its 10th hour at 4:10p. First thing I do is turn on the TV; I cannot have complete silence. It's eerie to me. I usually let it run while I vacuum, Swiffer, feed and pet cats with eye crispies and make dinner. Sometimes, I am afforded sitting down and watching The Cosby Show reruns while a chicken roasts. Doing so has made me raise questions about Mr. Cosby and I have called many friends to discuss WTF is this man's problem.

For example:

There is an episode in which Martin, Denise's Navy husband, and Cliff, finally sit down, talk and get to know one another. Denise and Martin had eloped and Cliff inquired, on whether or not Denise was a virgin. He didn't directly ask but he got the message across to Martin. This is just beyond creepy. Sure, they don't directly mention it, etc. but creepy nonetheless.

Just check out the clip.

After the weird talk, you will notice the exterior shot of the house. This brings me to another example; the layout of the house. Usually in the opening, while the executive producer info shows up, an exterior shot of the house is shown mostly to indicate the next scene will be taking place in the house. Anyhow, it's an attached townhouse. ATTACHED. So why, in the the living room, behind the stairs, are there windows?

Check out the background.

It just bugs me. What gives?

I still love the show, not even gonna pretend to lie. I watched it when it aired that is, until The Simpsons showed up. At that point, The Cosby Show had grown stale and it was time to change the channel. But, no matter what, I will watch the reruns, even those bad episodes where Rudy was a teenager and it was just awkward all around much like I will still watch those final years of Roseanne and just lament on how it was actually really good. Then BAM! Yuck. They were both different from other shows on TV and had a lot going for themselves. Unfortunately, they didn't know when to call it quits. Regardless, my favorite episode has to be the Gordon Gartrelle episode. Theo hiring Denise to copy a designer shirt for him and what results afterwards is the best. I will always laugh and laugh whenever Theo, in his crackly, on-the-cusp-of-a-ball-dropping (Happy New Year!) voice, tell Denise, "Ask me the question again" after she asks, "You don't like it?" Pre-Project Runway!


Ali said...

Holy shit, you're right! WhyTF are there side windows in their brownstone townhouse?! And they kept the set and the exterior shot the same for the entire series!

Roseanne was unwatchable after she had her eyelid tuck or whatever and "new" Becky came in. Such a great show otherwise. One of the best, even.

That Gordon Gartrelle episode is HILARIOUS. Look at Theo, with his ill-fitting knockoff.

Margie said...

I'm obsessed over those damn windows. Why are they there?

After an hour of The Cosby Show, there is usually an hour of Roseanne. That "new" face on Roseanne, that black as night hair, ugh. And, yea, as much as I love Sarah Chalke, she is fake Becky. But, when old Becky came back, did she forget to act or is that just me? She was an awesome teenager but she was an awkward, um, married person.

Question, I'm thinking I could pull off a Yosemite Sam Halloween costume. Thoughts?

Ali said...

Lecy Goranson (sorry, Alicia as she's called now) lost all of her funny when she grew up.

Dude. You would be my high falootin' hero if you went as Yosemite Sam. Right down to the pointy ass boots.

Margie said...

I told the BNC that he should go as Foghorn Leghorn. He's tall and he can pull off the voice since he's a good mimic.

"Ooooo, that rabbit!"

I need to look for a cool mustache/beard.