Thursday, September 2, 2010

I did it!

It's my birthday and in honor of celebrating being in my early 30s, I purchased these last night. Word.
ps....At 9p, ready to watch Top Chef, I fell asleep. I woke up at midnight, since I still had my glasses on, to find the TV still on and the ending of the rebroadcast of Top Chef. I know who won and lost without knowing why. Yea, I'm getting old.


Ali said...

Waking up to a Top Chef spoiler is the new waking up to the Star Spangled Banner on tv.

Look at you with your snazzy kicks and your birthday and your extended naps.

Happy early 30s, Margie <3

Margie said...

Thanks, Ali.

"Please pack your knives and go."

I wonder what Keanu does for his birthday?

And Kathleen said...

Happy birthday! Everyone deserves some good ol' Chucks at every age.

Sadako said...

Happy birthday! Sounds like my idea of a celebration. (I do love Bravo TV too, though on my big day I'll replace Top Chef with Real Housewives. I'm such an addict.)

Margie said...

Thanks Ladies!
@Sadako-every year I saw I won't see it but, just like that darn Maury show, I'll get sucked it.

Danielle, Theresa, Caroline-oh my!