Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall TV

You better watch my show, Anna Mae!

I'll admit it, I watch WAY too much TV. Watching it gets easier and easier especially since I can program my DVR from any computer. (Thank you, UVerse!) For example, I just programmed Glee cause I forgot to do it yesterday. Word.

What follows is what I plan on watching this fall. I may look bad after you read my programming. Be kind.


How I Met Your Mother

I really enjoy this show. You cannot go wrong with NPH but seriously, if they don't move the story along on how Ted met the mother then consider me gone. Ok, maybe not, but you consider yourself threatened, HIMYM.

The Event

I have no clue what this show is about but it's set to record. Well played, NBC. Your marketing worked.



I love Peter Krause and Lauren Graham and that crazy family so it's on. Damn you, Dax Shepard though.


The Middle and Modern Family

I enjoy the wittiness and freshness of these 2 shows. Congrats to Al Bundy for getting a job as well. ;)


I believe I saw the first season of Survivor but because Jimmy Johnson (former head coach of the Dallas Cowboys) is a contestant, I may just cave and watch it. I look forward to pointing and laughing.



Joel McHale on The Soup is a genius and, after a bit of a rocky start, him and the entire cast of this beloved show found their niche. Last year's episode titled Modern Warfare is some of the funniest shit I have seen on TV in a really, really, really long time.

The Big Bang Theory

I adore this show. It's completely witty and well written and reminds me a little of my friends and their nerd tendencies. Jim Parsons as Sheldon is pure gold and he deserved that Emmy. Way to make Houston proud. :) The only problem I have though is, TBBT and Community will be, for the first time, going up against each other. No bueno. Which shall be watched live and which won't?


I can't quit this show especially since Laurence Fishburne joined to replace William Petersen. But, it's Cowboy Curtis, ok? I must.

Project Runway

I love a reality show that puts the emphasis on creativity. I love watching them think it out, design it and ultimately showcase their creative idea on the runway. Michael Kors, the Duchess, is awesome and Tim Gunn is everything. I managed to get the BNC hooked. Phase 1 = complete.

The Mentalist

It's entertaining to me and I cannot hate on things entertaining me.

Note: I have managed to lose interest in The Office, an old favorite. I hope they just end it already. I ocassionally watch 30 Rock but I had to make cuts.


I tend to use this day to watch some of the stuff I don't get around to watching during the week but this is subject to change as I have to get out and do stuffs. I don't watch everything I record right away and I have been known to have several episodes of whatever during the summer (with shows running Christmas episodes). Don't judge me.


Same as Friday. If I'm home then I will make an honest attempt but I make no promises.


It's football season and that takes priority over everything else cause it's football afterall. Dexter recently came into my life so I'll have to find a way to make this happen.

God bless DVR. I still don't know how I am going to make all this happen but that's what DVR and days off are for, right? Right?


Ali said...

Mekka-lekka-hi Margie.

You sneaker! You totally have HBO now. Just in time to watch Couples Retreat. Not. That movie is wretched.

You make me want to watch more TV series. Would you believe I've never seen Community?

Margie said...

Ugh, that movie. I was watching Four Christmases yesterday (on HBO) and my goodness. Vince Vaughn is turning into Will Ferrell; the same actor (except for Stranger Than Fiction cause that shit rocked) in everything. UGH!

Community is hilarious. I adore the entire cast and it has Chevy Chase.

Ali said...

I felt sick when I found out that Vince and Jon Favreau were the creators of that steaming pile.

Stranger Than Fiction rooooled.

Margie said...

Ralphie (Peter Billingsley) from A Christmas Story directed Couples Retreat. He executive produced that shit as well as 4 Christmases. WTF is going on??!!