Tuesday, September 7, 2010

So, I turned 34....

And I ate.

PF Chang's Great Wall of Chocolate of which I only ate a bite of.

The Breakfast Klub's chicken and waffles.

Guitar wallet missing the record coin purse I'll get later.

Brother's pizza = yum.

Oh baby...

Someone tried the meatball sub.

I met shaved ice this weekend and we fell in love.

I failed to take so many other pictures of the things I did, the things I ate and the people I hung out with as I celebrated my early 30s. I tried new places to eat, I saw people I hadn't seen in months, I came home at 3a, I saw Machete and laughed, I ate my glorious Brother's pizza with 3 of my BFFs, I drove with the windows down and I was happy. And then I got the sniffles. No worries though cause, "The dishes are done, man."

1 comment:

Ali said...

Foodz! Your birthday weekend in pictures is making me hongray.

Sounds like it was the perfect weekend, minus the sniffles. There's a place called The Breakfast Klub? That is too rad.

Sweet ass wallet, btw.