Friday, April 16, 2010

Weekend Plans

I adore this photo of Apolo and Logan. They sleep together, fight together and most certainly eat together.
Logan is the alpha male of the bunch. He's also cross-eyed which has something to do with the little siamese in him. He's a great cat but doesn't know the concept of personal space.
So, this weekend includes trying to spend time with them. I know they miss me especially but I know I can count on them to share the couch with some Netflix (current rentals include The Wire).
The BNC has a show tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it especially, especially, especially since I don't have to get on the freeway to get there. I love that. Bonus: It's about 3 blocks from my parent's house which means I park there and walk over. My older brother is supposed to go with me.
The rest of the weekend gets played by ear and I hope that means some DVR time like Lost, Project Runway and Top Chef Masters.


Ali said...

AHHH. That first pic is just too cute. Apolo totally loves his bro.

What kind of show? I'm curious.

And I think I'm the only person on the planet who doesn't own a DVR. That needs to change.

Margie said...

The BNC plays bass guitar in a metal band. He plays regularly in local venues. :)

I strongly suggest a DVR especially when, like me, you're at a crossroads that includes American Idol (boo-urns to this season), Glee, Lost and Parenthood.

Ali said...

Sweet. Another music-loving couple.

While I suck at keeping up with primetime series, I *have* caught a few episodes of Parenthood. It's really good. It even helped me warm up to Dax Shepard. Never thought that would happen.

Margie said...

You speak the truth about Dax. I never thought I would "enjoy" him after watching him in Punk'd with Ashton or any of those stupid movies he was in playing the same character.

I love Lauren Graham and am still sad over Gilmore Girls being gone.

Music to the people!!!