Thursday, April 1, 2010

Litter Talk

Currently we use Tidy Cats as our litter but it can create such a dusty mess that it kind of grosses me out. Besides, I feel so icky throwing away those pails right into the dumpster. The other day I was telling the BNC that we might just have to switch litter brands to the ones that come in carton boxes. However, while searching in vain for food at the Target that would sustain me until dinner when again I would find myself wandering around endlessly, I came across these two. I'm thinking of switching. They are greener for the environment and no dust (well, maybe less but less is better in this instance). So, once my current box starts running low, I'm giong to make the switch.
The one on top is made from newspaper and other items of such while the one on the bottom is made from wheat.
I swear, I will dance a jig and maybe my awesome robot if it works.
Dancing, dancing, dancing! Dancing machine!!!

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