Thursday, April 1, 2010

Itty-Bitty aka Bitty Girl

Itty-Bitty came to us on June 4, 2009. I went into Petsmart on a search for yet another box for the fatties. I walked out without the box but this horror. A woman was there, with this little thing, searching for some toys and treats and all this little thing was doing was crying and crying. I heard it and walked over to the horror. The woman gave me the story of how she found her and was looking for a taker simply because she couldn't care for a cat and refused to give it to the SPCA as she would have been put down since an animal has to be a certain weight to be taken and put out for adoption. That didn't even touch my heartstrings. It was until I picked her up that I fell hard. I offered to take her and bam, I had a new kitten. I approximate her age to be about 3 weeks. She quickly took on the name of Itty-Bitty simply because she was so tiny compared to her new brothers. That, in turn, became Bitty Girl.

She was a challenge those first 2 weeks. Apolo hated her and Logan hated being nibbled on by her but they came around. I had to have her in our bedroom and bathroom during the day so she wouldn't get into trouble downstairs. Also, she was still being bottle fed.

And now, look at her. She has been a complete joy to have around. One that nibbles on your feet, tears up stuff, sits on the counter, hangs from the curtains, has no fear (except for the vaccuum cleaner) and plays with water. She still suckles her bear, and in her sleep, and that, alone, breaks my heart yet we love her immensely. My own little Basement Cat.

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