Friday, April 23, 2010

Litter Test

So far, the 3 I have tried have had an unusual odor. When I'm cleaning it out I can smell the ammonia. No likey that smell. Arm & Hammer Essentials has that distinct odor. By recommendation from Jeremy and Kathleen I've purchased World's Best Cat Litter (yea, that's the name). It's pricey but I've read the reviews, looked at the site and heard from Jeremy and Kathleen. I'm extremely hopeful that it will work and that it will make the cats happy and healthier. Once the current litter is gone, then it will be on. I hope the cats like it. I have a feeling the smell is getting to them because someone pooped on the mat rather than inside the box. Sigh.

Once I have the perfect litter chosen, better food for them is next. I don't want to have Bitty Girl as fat as them especially since she will likely not grow into a long cat like her brothers. Any recommendations?

Crossing my fingers.

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