Thursday, April 8, 2010


It is safe to say that I may have to give up cereal entirely. I have tested and tested and each of them raises my blood sugar significantly. Unless I completely give one of those high fiber cereals a whirl, I'm afraid we may have to break up. It sucks because I love cereal. I LOVE it. When I think of cereal, I imagine the Mr. T cereal in Pee Wee's Big Adventure, the cereals Jerry owns in Seinfeld, the cold condensation on the outside of the bowl, how much it drives the cats wild when they see it's a cereal day (they always hope I leave them some milk), and the many, many varieties of cereal there are. I'm preferential to Frosted Flakes since the Old Man was a fanatic when we were kids. However, I haven't eaten Frosted Flakes since my diagnosis because, well, there's a lot of sugar in that. Those "reduced sugar" ones are lies! LIES! I do remember they had a prize in Frosted Flakes when I was a kid that just illustrates how much we ate it. The prize was a tiny, Tony the Tiger buoy thingy. It just floated in the water. I, to this day, don't know how you were supposed to play with it besides just letting it float. We accumulated so many that whenever we took a bath, those damn things too up almost half the tub. However, after having so many, I cannot find a single one in my parent's house.

So, having reminisced about cereal, I bid a heartfelt "I'm out!" to it. (Unless I can find one that doesn't spike my sugar so much.)

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