Tuesday, April 6, 2010


He's a big dumb idiot folks.

He's not, actually. I just like Tommy Boy a lot. Oh Chris Farley, how I miss you so much.

He's a good cat, my Logan if a bit too needy. I try to be sympathetic to that cause I love being with them too but geez, back off. I don't want to smell your breath. I'm sorry about the photo being too dark but I can't edit them at the moment. Apolo is directly behind Logan, lazying around. Get a job, you hippie!

I had to go and give my blood on Friday morning. I have to go every 4 months and it doesn't get any easier. This time, it hurt more than usual and whoa, bruise, bubble, yuckiness and redness from the tape. It makes me sad and I can't help it. I realize it's for the best and whatnot but it doesn't get any easier. It never will.

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